Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Either a Discount or It's Free !!!

Want to know why its always good to have Gramma and Grampa pay at the Cash register?

They get discounts. This alone is a good incentive to have them tag along.

People over 50 get 10% off at Church's chicken and 10 % is 10% when you buy a bucket of chicken. at 21 dollars lol

Makes you feel kinda good to know you are still needed for something lol
And seniors being the kids they , may like to rap and hoot and holler with the kids.
What else do they have to do?

There are other discounts you can find on pages like :




Linda Bowmans' books on Senior discounts :



Hotel Discounts Participating Hyatt Hotels offer 25% to 50% savings to seniors 62 & over in the both the US & Canada Marriott Hotels offers seniors 62+ 15% savings off of normal room rates. Must show ID when booking Days Inn offers 10% off of standard rates to seniors 62 years old or older. Must show proof of age Howard Johnsons offers seniors 60 and older discounts from coast to coast Best Western at least 10% off regular room rates for seniors 55 and older

Many other hotels offer discounts to seniors. Make sure to ask when you make your reservation.

Restaurant Discounts
The restaurants below offer discounts to seniors as do many others not listed here.

Appelbee's, Arby's, Bakers Square, Boston Market, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Chick-fil-A, Chili's, Church's Chicken, Coco's, Country Kitchen, Dairy Queen, Denny's, Dunkin Donuts, El Pollo Loco, Fuddruckers, Golden Corral, Hardees, Home Town Buffet, IHOP, Jack in the Box, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Krystals, Long John Silver's, McDonald's, Ponderosa, Popeye's, Shoney's, Sizzler, Sonic, Taco Bell, Village Inn, Wendy's.
(Discounts & age requirements may vary. It's best to ask before ordering)

Some additional savings:

Airlines Many airlines offer discounts for seniors 62 or older.

Banks Many banks offer discounts to seniors often providing free checking accounts and free checks. Check your bank to see if they offer free travelers checks, special rates on savings accounts and use of bank services like faxing, copy machines, etc.

Bon-Ton Department Stores offer a 20% discount to seniors one day a month if you use a store credit card & 15% if you use any other payment www.seniordiscounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/BonTon.aspx

Cruise Lines Most cruise lines offer discounts to seniors. Ask to see if you qualify.

Midas Auto Service many locations offer a 10% discount if you are 55 or over. Check this out for more information www.seniordiscounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/MidasServiceCenters.aspx

Movie Theaters Most offer discounts to seniors but often for certain showing times.

Regal Entertainment Group offers theater tickets at its 546 theaters at a 30% savings if you are at least 60 years old www.seniordiscounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/Regal.aspx

Museums offer discounts to seniors but often for certain days or times.

Summers' Here ...........So make sure not to forget to ask for them Discounts.

Or your Grand parents :)


Gattina said...

The video was hilarious !

I am a quiet distrustful senior ! when it comes to strange discounts.I get discount in museums, movie theatres, expositions, and I can travel for 5 € (7 $) in whole Belgium return ticket and bus and tramway or tubes are free. But this is only from 65 years on.

Akelamalu said...

I love the discounts I get now I'm over 60, especially the free bus pass and free prescriptions, I just wish I didn't NEED the prescriptions! LOL

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina thats great. In Hawaii seniors can also bus all over the island for free. When we went there with our soccer team it was summer and we had a 3 bedroom apt.at the Honolulu Hawaii University,where Obama studied, for very cheap and bought a food pass for the cafeteria where three meals a day cost 20 dollars. Its a deal when you see the buffet food they offer. Its good for young families and very centrally located so you don;t have to go far to the beach. The whole island is a beach. lol

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - discounts are great. Zellers has a 10% off for seniors at times during the month.
It never hurts to ask. My son now has a discount to go to Whistler since they have him as going once. So its not just for seniors but young people.In todays expensive world, why not use it?
Some seniors live in hotels because a seniors home is too expensive.
When they need a change of scenery, they move hotels.
Hotels like seniors cause they stay a long time.