Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Every Day Anew

The days are flying by. So much going on in the world that it leaves little time to shave your legs lol

My soccer son came and told me he needed to Nair his legs for soccer and many athletes do today because the socks feel better. He wondered why the hair on my legs didn't grow as fast as his and I told him it was due to hormone changes but it is good to be hairy because it keeps you warm in winter. He said he noticed this and that it was true.
Long hair also keeps your back very warm in winter too. I never knew until I cut mine. lol
This week I made muffins. I hardly ever make muffins but I was in the mood and had all the ingredients so I decided to try. They turned out so good that when I woke up in the morning they were all gone.
So I made 12 more muffins the next night and woke up to no muffins.
My son woke up and made an order for another tray of muffins and I complied and made some more. Well 6 are gone already, compliments of my husband and son and by dawn I imagine they will be gone again.
Now that I am running out of paper muffin cups, they will have to wait for shopping day before I make any more. But I might decide to bake something else.

I don't blame my guys for eating them so fast because they are full of raisins walnuts and apples. I added some Fry's Cocoa, butter,baking powder,1 cup sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. You won't get muffins like this from the store, although I did go to a cinnamon cafe because their buns smelled soooo delicious but they wanted 12 dollars for 4 buns.
I found this incredibly expensive but they must be selling because there were plenty of boxes on display and more baking in the oven.
With a sigh I went to our Superstore and bought regular cinnamon buns for 4 dollars and the box had 6 lol

Other than muffins I decided to try doing fish and chips with tartar sauce.
My cooking is not very good but I was in the mood to try and to my amazement my cod fish turned out amazing dipped in flour eggs and herbs.
I made basmati rice (instead of fries), my very favorite rice so easy to cook and even eat cold with milk and a teaspoon of sugar, and I made my very first batch of tartar sauce.
I never knew it was so easy to make with mayo , one tsp of lemon juice ,chopped onion and a dash of garlic powder.
My husband who loves fish, really enjoyed his meal and ate seconds before bed time and checked the next day to make sure I made him fish burgers with the left overs for a snack.
I am very happy he is eating because he is very thin and needs to fatten up as opposed to moi, who needs to cut down. lol
So being the brat he is, he now keeps demanding more and more food to eat so I stand in the kitchen.
Well I am no fool either and tell him the next round he has to make himself. lol
Thus our days go by quickly and I can't believe its going to be Thursday in a few hours.

Todays meal was simple. I just steamed chicken legs with green beans and potatoes.
and now have to plan another meal for tomorrow and have no idea what I should make.,
Well, since I learned how to make noodles I might decide to do something again with flour and eggs.
Why not?
I might decide to make those stuffed tortillini's and freeze them to use by hubby and son when they want to experiment their cooking talents.
This summer my son got a job making pizza's and tomorrow I would like to order one that he made personally. Who'd a guessed I would have a chef for a son? lol
This will be very good experience for him this summer not only to make a few bucks for school but to learn how to make his favorite meal.
And last but not least, my 2 year old grandaughter, Annie Rose, was spotted on the Aussi news dancing at a beach Boat Festival. Will she be the next Nicole Kidman?? You never know with star qualities like this, at age 2.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Zuzana said...

Oh, this post made me mega hungry! Particularly the reading about the fish and chips and tartar sauce (even the rice sounds great:)

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana Thanks. Once in a while you get into the cooking mood.
I didn't finish my sweater and the danger when you stop something, is it gets put on the side burner. I have to finish it. Otherwise this will make 2 sweaters I have at the yoke part for the same reason of becoming side tracked.lol

Akelamalu said...

Well the buns must have been good as they weren't left to go stale. ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - well it is very nice when they ask for more lol
Must be a good recipe cause usually they don't like changes in food style

My sisterinlaw can try different recipes but when I do they complain.
They like regular food. lol
I don;t know what that means. lol