Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pinky Beige

This is my last Angel for the year. Made 5 and that's enough.
This one took a lot of cotton thread. It is very lacy.
I used the doily I made previously for the wings.
There is no glue used so if one day I get tired of the Angel,
I can take it apart and still have 2 doilies plus a head and body with hair
for another project.
It is also easy to wash. Just let it sit in some gentle soap to get the dust out
rinse and air dry.
The weather continues to be wet and damp.
My hibiscus continues to flower but the poor sunflowers have all their heads down
from all this rain. I am not sure the coleus likes it indoors but the apple trees
seem to be doing well. I will try to keep them indoors this year and see what happens.
The lemon trees are growing very well.
When you compare pics from spring, they like quadrupled in size.
Know what I'm sayin? lol

So many people voted already in the advance polls. Doesn;t look good for Mr Harper
but then he's been in power a long time and its always good to change but
handing power people not experienced in running a country is not good news.
This might leave a hard future for the youth of today.

Already there is discussion of giving every one a guaranteed income because companies
are all going robotic. There will be no jobs left for people to do.
If you consider how much taxes are collected every year, if every one was given 1 mill
there would be no poverty in Canada and still some money left for government.

I suggested it a while back and seems someone heard. lol

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