Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Importance of Prevention

She sits and watches your every move,
 knowing you better than you know yourself.
She walks with you, sleeps with you and sits
politely waiting for her tid bits.

She cleans you and pities you and loves you.
She defends you with a pure lion heart when
you are attacked by people who come into the yard at night and
try to steal things like lawn mowers and yard decorations.

Though small, this little dog can be a best friend in more ways
than one, in a world laughing at justice and abusing it to
win elections, court cases, and international debates.

This little dog, sitting in a home, knows right from wrong
better than people do.
This little dog knows justice better than people do.
This little dog knows a lie when it hears one and
truth in the eye of the beholder.
This little dog is all soul and conscience staring at you.

The world of animals is quietly being destroyed.
The animal gene pool is quietly being destroyed
and man with his "Rights" does not hear the call of the wild
in its' pure form and exposes himself to dangers he cannot see
 or understand with his myopic view of life.
Man is losing his rights by destroying the senses which sift
through right and wrong.
Man is losing rights by losing mental capacities to listen
and loving truth.

What is today if not the future we lay out for ourselves?
If you don't care enough  today, to say no,
tomorrow, will not care about you
Prevention requires the word NO.

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