Saturday, October 10, 2015

Angel Royal

This is a close up of the pretty angel I made for my sons' girl friend
 She likes the color purple..
 They are beautiful to display for Christmas.

Today they showed a young lady who wrote a book about her experiences
in North Korea. Life was hard and she and her Mom escaped for a bowl of rice.
They got caught by a group who sold women as sex slaves and were abused by these men.
They escaped and found a group who told them they would be free with them.

It took me back to Thailand where a man asked me if I was a jealous woman (I gathered
because he wanted to sell my husband a woman for sex) I found this question rather odd
and told him yes, I am jealous. And he answered, oh that's not good.
I then told him to ask my husband if he was jealous but this question did not relate to men.

It did not relate to men because this was a mans' world where women were objects to be bought and sold. Selling of sex was a way of life to survive.

In Kuwait, one felt vulnerable as well. One did not feel human but like a piece of meat to be used as the men saw fit.
Women mean nothing there.
Without a husband,anything could happen to you.

 This is why safe guarding our freedoms here in North America
is very important and when new immigrants come in , supporting this mans' world, it is insulting
to every North American woman who fought hard to obtain freedom.

Of course these new immigrants don't understand why there is such a fuss made coming from a mans' world. They are used to this abuse because it is normal and natural for them.

I guess you can compare this to birds. If you raise a crow in a cage, it doesnt mind being in a cage
but if you take a crow from the wild and stick it into a cage, it will die.

Such is the difference between freedom and slavery .
Freedom and prison.
Freedom and the niqab.

Women from the old world, are imprisoned in their beliefs. They don't mind living in a cage.
Lucky for them that in this country, they have the cage door open to flee any time they want to.
Some never will.
Some will fight not to only stay in the cage but to put you into one as well.
There in lies the problem.

Have a good one.

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