Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life Is Not An Island.


This is a very nice song sung by Harry Belafonte
The movie, Island in the Sun, is an oldie but equally very nice to watch.
They sure knew how to take the greatest shots back then in beautiful surroundings.

A lot of things were nice back then as things had to be made to last.
It was not easy to obtain things so recycling was not something they had to talk about 
 as opposed to todays' throw away society.

I love westerns too because they also give you a feeling of freedom , peace , a taste of the wild
and mysticism. Mother earth holds so much power in the palms of her hands and we are just
things caught up in the middle of them.

Watching wagons pulled by these hard working loyal horses for miles on end to
a post where they get replaced with a new set, had me asking the question, how
long were, say the Wells Fargo Wagons, supposed to be run before such a replacement
is made.
Well wiki said stage coach horses were expected to run 12 - 15 miles or changed at every two hour
intervals , at most 3 hrs.
A stage coach traveled at an average speed of 5 mi/hr.

One could easily see how difficult it was for every one involved to travel long distances
unprotected, over bad roads and bad weather.

Hanging around a horse ranch today, I see how easy horses  beget leg/hoof problems.
People have to spend a lot of time making sure the hoofs are kept clean and dry .
In those days horses didn't have that luxury or maybe they did, every time they came to a new town
in the livery stable where they were fed, watered and checked for hoof damage, just like car maintenance today except with engines.

A little sure went a long way back then. Today we are promised a lot, to get so little.
In Quebec right now Premier Marois said something to the effect : Come visit us after we separate.

Bill 101 is a most ungracious bill.
French people could enter into your home as if it was their own and tell you to go visit Toronto.
Complaining of invasion of privacy to the police was no use because you could not know who was pro separation and who was not. When working, you could not serve customers in English or risk having all the work you did lied about surrounded by political wolves.Creating trouble could cause you more trouble so
continuous harassment forced the English to quietly leave in what was fast becoming a fascist state under the Parti Quebecois. Words such as Freedom and the Bill of Rights existed only on paper back then.
New immigrants came to Quebec and many leave probably because a small group continue to spew hate amongst the young people.
PM Trudeau lied to the English people saying he would clean it up but did nothing Now his son is running for the Federal Liberal Party and another PQ Government is in power in Quebec.
Justin Trudeau already let it slip he would separate Quebec so this could be interpreted as a silent quiet plot to destroy the country.
The lies continue by the Fed Liberal Party, except in a more financially distressed world.

Canada is a great country to live in from coast to coast.
Quebec was a pearl until the PQ came into existence and suffers to this day.
Separation would not change anything except to cause more poverty and heart ache and fachism to grow.
 Canada, since she will have lost the St Lawrence River would have no easy access to
provinces beyond Quebec on the East Coast.
Quebec will look to France for help and France would be only too willing, being broke herself
and in political trouble
In any event , poverty cannot help poverty and the French Franc would not suit the  financial system we have in place in the northern hemisphere.
On top of all this, any bad thing happening to New York would drift up wind into Quebec
and Quebecers would be crying and asking Canada for help and then the question would be
why would we help them when they are a people with no good will or heart.

It is high time Quebecers stopped listening to lies and made peace with a country that has been
tremendously good to them.



Gattina said...

You love westerns for peace ?? They shoot at each other and are all falling down like dead flies, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

lol Yes Gattina
I love the scenery, the mountains and deserts and the horses.
I love the old western towns and the people were simple. open, honest.I love the camp by the fire scenes.
The laws were simple. Steal a horse and you hang.

Rick Watson said...

I loved the old shows Wagon Train and The Big Valley.
I found myself getting wrapped up in the stories.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick me too I like them better than many movies with swear words they play today.
Its disappointing.

Akelamalu said...

Oh I can't remember the last time I heard that song - I love it!

We were away last week so just catching up with my blog reading.

A Lady's Life said...

Those were the good ol days as they say akelamalu