Friday, March 28, 2014

Daily Life of Faith and Hope

Another Perfect Stranger
This is a very good you tube movie I think every young person should watch.
It explains a lot of things confusing to so many people.

My puppy is growing and she is so loveable.
My husband who always has a stand offish approach to animals, can't get enough of her.
He keeps coming back to have another look. She has something about her that is quite
unexplainable. You just want to hug and kiss her all day.

Yesterday I went shopping and left he behind.
My husband said she was crying blue murder and even got Tanya concerned who went to her and kissed her. Later when Bella came towards her, she again went on the go away mode.

Lately the animals are beginning to get along better.
I still have concern over Tanya because she is so possessive,but Bella is already her length . Of course she is much lighter since she is still a baby.
I think Bella will be larger than Tanya especially since she has such a good appetite.

Hope you all have a good one.


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