Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ingrid and China


Beautiful old movie with Ingrid Bergman in China.
The Inn of Sixth Happiness
They sure had beautiful stories back then.
To be able to face strife and love had to be kept private.
It  was so romantic  no matter how it ended.

I love the old Chinese towns and scenery.
China has the most mystical mountains.
Always makes you wonder what lives in them.
There are such peaceful areas in the world which one can
truly feast ones eyes on.
A body not only needs nourishment for the body but also for the soul.

Having a baby in the house sure reminds me of when I was a young Mother .
These were sleepless days and nights one had to spend caring for a young one.
No time to complain just to sit and play and smile and this is what I am doing again with this new
baby who won't let me out of her sight.
Sneaking away when she sleeps never works.
Of course Tanya has to have what the baby has.

I tried to hide all the balls because they are causing a revolution here over them.
But no matter where I hide them Tanya runs in and hones in on them right away.
I can't believe how she knows where they are. Then she stands there and barks
for ever to get them back.
The baby seems to have the same keen sense of smell.
These dogs would make terrific drug sniffing dogs or search and rescue.
Nothing gets by them.
So now I put the balls outside into the mail box.
I told the guys they can play ball outside.
But she went and found another one somewhere and seems very pleased with herself.
The little one is left with her round frog to play with and leather chewies. and her pull rope.
She loves to play tug of war.
Every morning she wakes you up with kisses to say ok pee time.
If you turn over and say later pup, its at your own risk.
This is how animals train people. lol



Lorna said...

A lively description of Lady's life these days. :-)

Akelamalu said...

Oh I love that film and I SO want to go to China!