Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fish and a Soap Bag

This is an interesting project to do with your child for Christmas.

It uses glycerin soap a little fish and a plastic bag. You melt the soap and fill the bag with it and add a rubber or plastic fish. Then just use a twist tie or ribbon and you have a very inexpensive present to give your favorite children or grand children. It's also a project you can enjoy doing alongside with your child.
I guess one could also use some other water creature like an octopus or shrimp but I think goldfish are favored.
Kids would have fun taking a bath with their pet soap.

The View showed so many new toys that even excited me. lol
Little push tummy toys where the toy opened its mouth and showed teeth and tongue.
Action figures with real people faces.
Marionettes kids could build and slap watches which seem to be a lot of fun.
They also showed a kit set where kids could use special saws and hammer nails.
Really cool stuff.
And a digital scrabble set.
Now even I want to take a romp in the Toys R Us Stores to see all these new things.

These were all under 50 dollar toys and the push tummy toy was only $12.00

Well enjoy your day everyone.



Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

it sounds familiar,
love th4e idea...

awards/treats 4 u

Happy Friday!

A Lady's Life said...

thanks jingle

Unknown said...

Melt the soap, huh? Just stick the soap in the microwave & melt it? The stove is better, maybe? Interesting! Thanks for the Christmas ideas, too. (Thanks for visiting my blog recently!)

A Lady's Life said...

U r Welcome Kelley.
No the instructions say to melt it on the stove I think. At least that is what I would do.:)

Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!
Once we had some of those when our daughter was a child, but then they dies and it was a big sorrow... :-(

The old Thebes (Ouaset, The Powerful) is on Blogtrotter Two waiting for you!! Enjoy and have a great Sunday and week ahead!