Friday, May 16, 2014

Man, As Innocent as a Babe

My beautiful lacy baby hat.

Lev Kulikov seems to be a spiritual educator I found on you tube.
He tries to explain faith as consisting of two parts :
Intellect and emotion.
This then falls into how we see faith and how we work to keep it pure and clean.
Intellect and emotion affects every man. If man is not of the right faith or mind, it is difficult to get him out of the hole he is in.
The first thing needed, is to understand that we are not separate from God. Even Karma ( which is a collection of mistakes affecting our health and destiny or future) is not given all at once by the creator, because if it was, we would live a total of six years before we self destruct. 
To enjoy life longer than six years , we have to learn organization and self control and God gives us time to do this. He watches over each individual and so we are always in contact with the creator so our emotion and health can heal from our mistakes, through wisdom. 
The creator regulates mans' karma or extra sensory perception.
A sick man comes to get healed of an illness. He leaves and then comes in again. Why?
 Because the karma program changes in each man with reality of health and destiny.
To stop all these karma programs, is the only way to totally heal a persons intellect and emotion.
We can ask God to do it and he can but instead he gives us karma because something is not right.
Man has to take charge of his life, clean it, put it in order and the first thing required, is faith in God, that he exists and that he has no other objectives other than love for mankind.
The rest man can do with as he wishes. He can take what he can and leave what he can't, push what he can and deal with his existing emotions.
The question becomes then is does man affect faith or does faith affect man?Who is the boss?
The answer is that man is God and King who does what he can.
When a man gets a cold he goes home and takes medicine and heals. When he has emotional problems affecting his health, he seeks help and is given instruction to do this by cleaning up his soul faith and intellect.
Emotions live in space which develop creation, yielding intellect, deciding what a man must do.
Space could be destructive to the building of life.
We must know how to build our faith using 4 things:
right : that everything begins with right beginning with mental creation
Physical realization
Emotion which is electrical
thoughts which is a magnetic field
When we remember we remember in emotion, the electrical part.
God is part of the living reality whereby man understands that he cannot live without him.
Once he understands this his life becomes easier because it has structure.
Harmony is a system existing on many infinite levels.
Parasites live at the lowest level.
Parasites live in what he call hell but the existence of hell is our own creation and is separate from what is.
for example:  A man can eat a mushroom but a mushroom can't eat a man.
Suppose one grows on a finger and we ask why? Well this is because the blood does not reach that part of the finger to give it the blood chemicals it needs to kill the mushroom.
Another system of Anarchy is also a criminal faith.
The middle ground between heaven and hell exists on the 9th-10th level of infinite harmony.

Physically man has a point of termination If someone tells him he will physically live forever he is lying.--
Life is a spirit from God. Its a system with a soul and body
The spirit controls the body.
It has a memory where emotion is kept in many places.
Knowledge contained in the body and spirit yields emotion.
Our purpose in life is education where we learn to correct mistakes through passing an exam.
Info in and of itself is not education unless it is understood.
Worry for example can result in other problems.
Man doesn't understand that he is King over his situations or problems in life.
Spiritual problems requires passing an exam through learning to understand it.
Family and relatives try to teach but learning can take place anywhere.
A mother has a child it tries to teach but sees the child is not learning.
The child does not understand the mechanism of life.
The child does not understand faith
or maybe the child does and the teacher doesn't.
I like the way this man explains things in lay mans terms and this is why he is called a man of wisdom and man who can pass on understanding to other people.
I always found that turning every problem in life into an element of education helps a lot in mental harmony.
Everything bad that happens or crosses your path in life, is about
educating you to become a better person.


George said...

Thank you for a very thought-provoking post.

I hope you have a great weekend.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George. I never co related karma with faith and I never knew that karma changes every 6 days.
I love listening to what other people have to say on the subject.