Monday, April 7, 2014

Nicholas and Alexandra

The Last of the Czars is a u tube video that shows a couple very much in love.
It is nice to see in England with William and Kate and the Queen and Prince Philip.
I can't speak for other countries as I don't know much about those couples but it
seems Princess Grace loved her husband King.

It is hard to keep control and leadership in a  society, if the laws are loose but then to keep them loose, one needs an educated thinking public and if every one sits drunk or high or is too ill or controlled by too much fanaticism, or has corrupt reasons to govern, things always head into a deep abyss. So laws have to be used in such a way as to
guide people in the right direction.
Society should understand that there is no free man, unless each man is free of his devil/vices.
How do people expect to be free, if they  keep themselves in chains?
They can't speak of  "freedom" if they can't self govern.

The Quebec election tonight showed a province of people who are very tired of politics and empty talk. They live in a nice country, Canada, envied by the world and so the only thing needed here, are good people to run things smoothly so people have jobs, a place to live,education and health.

Had the Czar made sure his people had these things and not kept as serfs/slaves, he would have been loved and the Romanoffs would have continued to reign.
 But as it turned out, he trusted in the wrong people and they lost him his life and legacy.

Last night my Bella had a tummy ache and she was very uncomfortable. I gave her yogurt and she farted a few times and then finally fell asleep.
Today it is hot in the house and she ate but did not drink much water and this concerns me even though she is playful and assertive again.
She has been so loved here that to think she could be lost, is just unthinkable.
 She had her shots 9 days ago and they say it takes 6-9 days before distemper shows itself.
I just hope her body was able to handle the shots she received. 
She needs another shot next month.

Mean while my sons friends' Bear, was taken to the doggy park and he gets very dirty there.
This results in his fur becoming very matted and badly in need of clipping.
He is a handsome dog to look at if his fur is groomed properly .Instead it all has to come off.

I like the idea of doggy parks but if they are not kept clean, then dogs can pick up tons of things
from the grounds. I told my son I don't want Bella there.
I took my golden to swim in the ocean and he got an ear infection we could never really ever get rid of and my husband hooked his finger fishing and also got a skin disease on his hand nothing helps to cure. The skin gets very dry and cracks.

How sad when you are surrounded by beauty but it is all polluted and can't be enjoyed.


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