Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NEW Royals

Such a lovely couple visiting Australia and New Zealand.
Little George is so cute with his chubby cheeks.
Kate looks fabulous and William.. well he's Englands' darling.

Never thought to see the day he would be a Daddy to another baby Prince.
Diana would be so proud.
This is the future right there, to carry on the legacy the Queen Mum and
Queen Elizabeth worked so hard over.
She should pass it on before she dies so there is no mistake as to who
is next in line to be King of England.

I hope they make the right decision.



George said...

There has been quite a bit of coverage of William and Kate here as well. The young Prince George is a cutie!

Gattina said...

They are such a cute family and they do a great job !

A Lady's Life said...

Yes they will make a great king and queen these

A Lady's Life said...

I agree Gattina