Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Enchantment.

This is another one of my very favorite postcards.
I was always enchanted by the lily of the valley
 with their little bells and
impressed with nature in creating such delicate
yet firm little guys that had such a hypnotic aroma.
They would spread through our rock garden filling up all the cracks.
I always had a bottle of lily of the valley perfume.
Can't seem to find it today though.

Our yard was full of lilac trees of the french variety. They were the most fragrant
and every spring, when you opened the window, the scent would be
blown into the house by a gentle warm breeze.
Just one whiff would stop you in your tracks with enlightenment.
We had white and purple trees and people would walk by and could not resist
grabbing themselves a few sprigs to take home.
As a result, we always had more and more flowers the next year
 as God is generous

Next on the list were red and yellow daffodils and tulips. The bulbs were planted
two feet deep so no rodents could get to them.
Peonies and ronunculas, were big time favorites.  So pleasing to the eye.
We were just sorry they didnt grow all summer but then our wild roses
compensated for it and brought in the bumble bees which were quite pleased
with these flowers. They also carried a very sweet smell and were
very good as a fence to keep out intruders because of the thorns.

All these flowers are still my very favorite today. The only plant I would add to the collection
are jasmine because of the scent. These will always be our family traditional plants.

Of course since then, we have come across rhododendrums,  magnolias,
apple and cherry blossoms and the majestic orchid.
The world is full of the most beautiful creations
some of which have the a most inventive means of survival.

One wonders how any one but God could have  such a wild imagination.
We blame him for wars and destruction but he only stands for love and we don't
 have far to look to see an entity, so busy doing such great things, that one would wonder
why it would want it all destroyed.
 It is only man who would use his name to do that.

Have yourselves  a wonderful day.


George said...

I can't disagree with any of these beautiful flowers and shrubs. I still remember the lilacs along the side of the first house I can recall. Since I was six when we moved, you know they made quite an impression. When I lived in North Carolina we had lilies of the valley all along a creek in front of our house. Isn't God a marvelous Creator?

A Lady's Life said...

George he sure is.
As a child I could only marvel.

Magia da Inês said...

Bonito texto.
Eu também sou encantada por flores.

Bom domingo!
Boa semana!
✿✿° ·.

Unknown said...

I also love the Lilly of the valley. It is such an elegant flower.