Thursday, April 3, 2014

.Bella Bella Martadella

Bella Bella Martadella as my husband lovingly calls her.
I finally managed to get a decent picture of her. lol

She wont let me trim her nose so you can see her eyes better.
She is my bratty little girl who loves to play bark growl and bite.
Lucky she is small and doesn't do much in terms of damage.
Pups will always be pups. lol
Whatever I eat or drink Bella has to have a smell or a taste
She is very observant and vocal.
I think you can teach this dog to talk.
You can't help but love her and Tanya is beginning to finally give in.
She rolls on her back so Bella smells her but then Bella lies down when
Tanya is looking at her so
they speak their own dog language.
When they go for walks Bella prances enjoying this new world she is discovering.
She loves the outdoors and tries to get a good whiff of it.

In the car she enjoys watching the goings and comings but there is no place like home.
You know shes had a full day when she conks out at night into a deep sleep.
Babies are all so precious and bring so much joy.

Have a good one.


George said...

For some reason I could not load your photo of Bella, but she does sound like a wonderful companion.

A Lady's Life said...

Try now George I keep forgetting Picasa doesnt load except at my end.

Gattina said...

What a pretty little girl !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina thanks

George said...

I'm glad I got to see Bella. She's even cuter than you said she was.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George :)