Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day Lily

I managed to capture it in its' glory.
What a beautiful flower to wake up to!

The days have been nice lately. We are able to enjoy some sunshine.
Although one day we went to Home Depot and it began to down pour.
I thought oh boy,  there go my plants, but when I got home,
it was nice and dry, so I counted my blessings.

I cut some cuttings from the grape plant and thought why throw them out?
So I stuck them into the ground to see what happens.

We watch the news and think our leaders have gone insane.
Only one talking sense is Trump and he is being attacked by liberals
who are smooth talking liars and thieves.
It upsets me a lot when Trudeau says Canadians have to decide how we
will bring our products to market and this is what we will do.
He has done nothing but honeymoon since he got in power.
He takes the onus off of the government and puts it on a small group of people,
 putting people against people.
Is he saying all Canadians want him to continue honey mooning
 while the country is being sold out? It makes him a very dangerous man.

I wish the public would get smart for a change.
But they see new naive people growing up and think now is the time
to strike.
Trudeau does not speak for all Canadians. We do not want Europe here.
We don't want globalism in control and our little potato head doesn't understand
what China is telling him.

Today I saw cars with infowarscom stickers


Better to listen to outside news because our news sold us out for advertising. lol

Oh well.

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