Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What is Love


Because you're mine,. I walk the line.
This is love for sure.

I have gotten into doing cross word puzzles.
They are always beside the horoscope in our paper lol
 I still like to read the horoscope.

I tried my hand at sudoku and I have to say I am awful at it
Everything works until the end. lol

I never played solitary either.

I remember a boy sat me down to play chess.
I was about 5.
I had no idea how to play and as a result I never liked it.
But checkers.... now you are talking.lol

My Dad would want to play games with me and my Mom.
He hated to lose and when I lost, he would sit gloating.
He'd keep saying things like, oh look shee's upset. Oh look what a sore loser..

The fact of the matter was, that I never cared to win or to lose.
I played to make him happy. lol

But I would lose my good will nature when he would begin the incessant
teasing about how I felt about losing.
It almost made me not want to play games with him but if I didn't, he
would probably have teased about that too.

I would console myself by thinking that maybe this was how he felt when he lost.
He was a lot more competitive than I  ever was.

I was always happy when people were happy, win or lose.
He just didn't understand that.

A brain I will never be lol
But I will always be a student because of my thirst for knowledge.

Before it was about shopping for things and today, it is about shopping for
 food bargains. Most people are complaining about the food

I keep saying ... keep it local.... but the government is right and
 the people are wrong.
Even the stores are saying that it's scary.
They buy at higher prices and if the people dont buy ie asparagass
at $ 7.00 a bunch, it rots and they lose money.

Smart is the guy who buys local.
Smart are the towns that do green house grow ops. or hydrophonic gardens.
People always need food.

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