Friday, May 15, 2015

Kitty Smarts

Here is another post card I love and kept.
Tabbies are my favorite cats. They are always nice cats.
I don't think I ever had a bad cat.

As cities take more and more control over animals,
  it will be too expensive to buy one and to keep one.

Domestic animals will be wiped off the continents
once these animal groups take over and destroy the gene pool.

Kids will not have the pleasure to experience natural
kitten birth.
Cats won't be free anymore and will develop psychosis
and cancers  just like people do, from un natural habitat.

We recently found that these laminate floorings from China,
cause cancer. How many homes today are full of these floors?
How many kids and animals will now die from using them?

Another tid bit in the news talked about the post office offering less
service for more money. They want to stop mail delivery to homes.
I sent an envelope the other day and it cost me 13 dollars.
 It never cost more than 3-4 dollars before and now they still want to
raise the price again?
The news comes at a bad time when people need jobs and now 8,000
more post men will be out of them.
Hurts those who also want to fight the email cult to get back to
the art of penmanship.
All these changes,  hurt all of us.

On TV we saw Kramer on Seinfeld , making a coffee table which could be used
as a bed tray.
Coffee tables and book shelves in bathrooms were the in thing once.
If anyone wanted to know what kind of person you were, you were judged
by the kind of books found in your house.
Beer and porn.... showed a very shallow

Today it is a bit confusing as coffee tables are covered in color charts.
Today on TV all you hear about is what color to paint your rooms in
and so every home is full of charts and maybe marks on the wall to see if this
color will match all the other walls.

Now what can you determine about people if all they are interested in is shallow
color schemes? Sure keeps peoples curiosity in check.
Now art work, paintings, have more to say about people.

It shows they are cultured in art history and know something about it.
Classical paintings portray people who are interested in class, emotion, love, color.

The outdoorsman will have paintings of animals ,lakes, mountains, all over his walls.
So when you  walk into this home, you know a free spirit lives there .

People who love modern art, live in their heads.
Sometimes one can call abstract art childs' play.
There is one person who
gives his child buckets of paint and this 4 year old goes and slaps it onto
canvas, the the painting sells for thousands of dollars.
Another artist spits color onto a canvas.
Other artists roll in it and produce things people really like
You can almost see people judging you on the ink blots you choose to
cover your walls
There has to be an attraction for it to be bought.
Businesses love modern art but they also use psychology to sell their products.

The above kitty portrays impressionism, freedom, mischief, cubism, and
 abstract qualities. This artist tried to hit on many forms of art to attract
a wider clientel.


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