Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bunny Wabbits

When I saw these on the net I could not resist
 making a few.
They are so cute and take next to no time at all
to make.
You can use them for all kind of things like
appliques for hats, and scarves and pin ons for
sweaters or coat lapels.
They make good Christmas ornaments and book marks.

One of my favorite books was Peter Rabbit.
That little fella always got into trouble.

Today I have one looking just like the top one, living in my back yard.
I think she has babies and lives in the black berry bushes.

Yesterday when my husband was cutting the grass she came out to examine
what was going on. She sat there un afraid.
Beau walked beside her and the girls barked and we took pics of her
and she had no problems with it.
She sat there for hours enjoying the sun.
I wish I could catch a few babies to play with.

The wind blew our fence down and Beau found the down part on the other side
of the house and makes his way out to the front of the house to enjoy the street.
Well hubby went out to bring him back and who should be sitting there
 but old Coyote.

He looked lean and hungry and I thought good thing my girls are not out there.
They would make wonderful meals for this fella. Now the fence is down,
 what's to stop him from coming into the yard?  Beau seemed to have no
problem with him either. Usually he is not too friendly with other peoples' dogs.
People let them loose and they attack him walking on a leash.

Our neighbor used to have a rooster and hens across the street.
 Don't hear them anymore.
Maybe this tourist found them and now is coming back for more.
I sure hope he doesn't find the bunnies.
It sure is fun living around animals and this is in the city.
Can you imagine?



Akelamalu said...

How sweet you have rabbits in your garden!

A Lady's Life said...

I love it. We had some before but my cat used to hunt them Then the coons came. My cat got too old and weak by then. but he sure has a hunter history.
When it came to mice he only ate the heads.

Maude Lynn said...

Those are really cute!

A Lady's Life said...

I thought so lol
What the heck lol

noodlecat said...

We love the rabbits!

Noodle and crew

A Lady's Life said...

noodle they r soo cute! and wild.