Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Escape To Dreams

I love this post card. Typical cat portraying it's Garfield smarts
in a bed of socks, pillows and why not....a bed of books.
The wise old owl is no competition to a cat with 9 lives.lol
None of my books are on its reading list :(

 Escape Through Dreams

So grim the desert
 Not one blade of grass
Not one green weed to feed the dead
A lonely tomb lost in the sand
Tormented by eternal stars and
Then a flash! a blink!  a light!
A living alter burning bright
A rush ! A vision! A breath of hope!
A soulful prayer called from the heart

And then I fly on a steed of wealth
To live my dreams on a sea of health
To quench my thirst for life and breath
From the tomb I jump to the mystic light.
A Lady's Life.

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