Monday, February 10, 2014

Tara Taree

Rain rain..finally we get some Was starting to miss it.

Made pizza pops and pizza and other stuffed things great for snacking on

This morning tried out making more yeast dough since the yeast seems to be
good for a change
Usually they make you spend a ton of money and you bring home dead yeast.
This time it worked and for once it was fun cooking and chopping.

Hubby got his liver fried with onions and garlic.
 I made really chippy fries and falafel as I sat asking myself....
self?....what is there more that I can do?
I got a new potato peeler and I love how it works
especially on carrots.
 All I have to do is keep peeling till the carrot disappears into a great salad.

Any way there will be stuff to freeze for snacking for the big boys.
You know what to do with left over stew??
Stuff it into dough and the kids love it.

Being busy helps a lot to not get bored. It's like multi tasking
Watching the Olympics,chopping, painting, and knitting
all in between stuff, while dough is rising.

 I just love yeast dough when it works.
The stove keeps the house warm from the drafts.

When we were young my husband would come home and make himself a batch of dough
and he sat waiting for bread to come out of the oven while studying.
In those days we always had good yeast though. It bubbled like crazy.
I guess he found making bread was a good reason to stay awake at night.

Today we are like Maxine
 We stay up all night and then get mad at the alarm clock in the morning
but like she says we can't break it cause it's in the phone. lol

Hope you are all having a nice New Year so far.



Rick Watson said...

Yum, home made pizza. It's been too long since we've had that here.
It's supposed to snow here tonight. BRRRR.

George said...

Your liver and onions (with garlic) sounds delicious. Your idea for leftover stew sounds delicious.

A Lady's Life said...

Luv pizza rick

A Lady's Life said...

george - when ever we travel my husband tells them he'd like liver at the hotel restaurant and they go out of their way to make sure they have it lol
Guess they need the business.

Gattina said...

If you missed rain, come over here it rains every day ! I don't even know anymore how the sun looks like !

A Lady's Life said...

Ah sometimes a little of everything is wonderful but too much is too much Gattina