Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beautiful Taylor Swift

What a lovely girl.
Her songs are great .

I really like this song too .
Don't know about revenge cause they say what you do comes back to you
but I understand where she is coming from cause there are so many out there
 who pretend sweetness, neediness, and know how to wrap around a  guy by saying and doing what they think the guy likes. Playing on their vanity and ego with puppy dog kisses.

We used to call them geishas in my time. Unreal  people hiding behind their face masks but
On the inside they are cardio surgeons ready to cut the heart out of a guy especially one who thinks he knows everything. Those are the easiest kind of guys to cut up. The teeth show once the honeymoon is over.
They don't even lie about it which makes it even more attractive for the guy cause he is lured in like into a widow spiders web.

A good ol fashioned American girl may be a lot of things but she's clean because her soul is clean.

A lot cleaner than the desperate pretenders out there.
Something to learn and not many songs out there singin them

Good for Taylor Swift. :)

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