Friday, December 18, 2015

Still Lovin You

 Life goes in waves. Some waves are warm graceful waves
where you feel wrapped in silky satin.

Others are waves that make you sputter and choke as they
are swift and irregular not giving you a chance to take a breath..

Then you have the bashing thrashing waves that really take you through
the wringer. If they cast you ashore still alive, consider yourself lucky.
Poseiden had pity on you.

Life is always to be accepted for what it is.
It is in charge and it is in control and it decides when it is time to move forward.
If you are one to believe in destiny and in a path that was written well
 before your birth, then it is easier to accept life such as it is.

Life is an act of being that is never ending.
It continues in its' act of exploration and experience , as it does when a child is born
into a new world, taking its first breath and then at the end when God and angels
show it the light and allow it to breath in a new phase of existence.
In that sense we are always children to continuously be educated.

We grow old and still wonder what this was all about?
What is the truth of it all?

The truth is in being at peace and allowing destiny to continue showing you the way.

Man is no different from the corals which send out spores into the universe.
 The act of life is laborious in nature but there are moments of rest and peace
when the silky satin wave appears and grace overtakes the trusting soul and
shows it the way.

We reject many things not believing in their existence but thankfully,
what is, still believes in us and this makes all the difference knowing,
I will be there.

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