Friday, July 24, 2015

The Wild and the Tame

This is not a wild flower. It seems to be a zuccini flower.
Will be fun to see what, if anything, comes of it in a pot.

We finally got a full day of rain.
Hope this quenches the forests which are being eaten by
250 fires here in BC.

The leaves seem to be falling slowly and they cover the grass
reminding one of fall and yet it is only July.
It can only be assumed that it is because of the dry weather and the hot sun.\

Peoples yards are full of sunflowers .They seem to be getting more and
 more popular as  yard plants and bring a lot of  joy to people
 who look at  their  cheerful heads.

We are not Cali but also have  water restrictions. A few years back
Vancouver Island residents conserved water so well, the
hydro company lost money and the public had to pay for the loss.
Seems people never win.

Well 1500 light years away there is another planet similar to earth.
Guess if push comes to shove we can send a spaceship like the one in Star Trek,
and bring civilization to another planet with a new geography.
This planet is larger than our own. Cool.


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