Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden of Life

If God is truth.... then how does man justify creating and
 changing the rules he bestowed upon man to live under?

If God is the gardener...
then how does man take credit and change creative work
 he does not understand?

If God is the shepherd......
He , unlike man, not only shows the way for man to go but also
takes on the responsibility and accountability of this undertaking.
Who amongst man, can pride himself of doing the same?

It is said with God we will bear fruit and yet our laws justify
empty wombs and death, along paths into darkness.

Forests animals children air water food..... is all at risk in mans' hands.

We sit and pass laws.
We are forced to believe in evil.
We are told to love deceit and shallow ego.
We are told to love ignorance and sin.

Illegitimate courts , government and religion teach to hate the word of God and
The truth of him who created and knows who we are.
They speak of love in unrighteous terms of human rights, leading to a life
in the hell of our choosing.

So few believers know and understand truth today.
They weep and grieve for what they see and hear each passing day.
They are left with hope to rely on, that truth will show itself and all shall be well
as the son re enters all our lives once again in his glory and through him
we can again find our salvation.

Who will follow him?
Who will continue to deny his truth?
Who will tell him then that he must follow our ways, our laws, our justice
which are weak, as man is weak, in the face of undeniable truth.

The Garden of life lives in the light and light is more powerful than darkness.
Yet we are attracted by the dark which covers our sins and makes them
easier to live with. Instead of excelling to the light we falter and say it is ok to live
in darkness. It is ok not to excel.
If it is ok not to excel then why cry when evil overtakes us, haunts us, bedevils us.
Why cry when our loved ones get sick, when our air and water disappear?
Why cry when we have no houses to live in and nothing to believe in?
Why cry in the garden of our creation?
 A Lady's Life

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