Thursday, June 4, 2015

Flower Gender

This is one of my beautiful carnations that flowered and
 two more buds sit beside it.Every day there is something to cheer me up.

My Duke finally passed away.
The medicine I bought for his nose fungus did not help him.
It made me very sad to see him at the bottom of the aquarium.

We went to a local butcher beside the fabric store I visit.
I see many people coming out with boxes and thought hmm
must be something up.

Sure enough I found it to be a very nice store and the meat is excellent.
Pork is local. Stuffed crab mushrooms were very good. They had meat pies.
We got one and it was also very good. I got some nice lamb shanks cheaper
 than at the Superstore. We tried the bacon which had a very nice aroma and look
to it. We did not buy bacon like that in a long time. Black forest ham was on special.
Nice slices of steak. We avoided the chicken since today they put too many hormones into it.
but it looked nice but they did have very nice shrimp we indulged in.
We got bison burgers to try for the BBQ and they cut us some marrow bones. We don't see bones like that in stores anymore.
Over all, we came home happy and like to support small local stores. The service is so much better.
Next time we will order the box with precut meat which they do the night before so as to be ready
for you the next morning.
In winter they say hunters bring in venison to fix, to them. I told the butcher I would like to taste it
if he could manage to get a few pieces from them. lol Otherwise we have to go way up north
and they dont always have it, if its not in season.
One of my blogger friends has a husband that hunts moose. They don't shoot the ones that come to their front door in the city . lol  Most of the meat she says has to be minced. Otherwise it is too hard.

I was in a good mood so at home I made some buns.
The aroma was so nice in the house I had to go try one.

The days go by very quickly.
My little garden is growing. We had no sunshine for a few days so I did not water anything but today the sun did come out so I will see if anything needs watering.
Too much water will rot all the roots.Not all my pots have holes at the bottom. Yesterday I took a drill to them just to give excess water somewhere to go.

My Tanya got her nose into some dirt. She was looking for something and when I showed her nothing was there, she was disappointed. I am sure one of these days the dogs will help themselves to my pot garden. They sniff everything and right now the tomatoes are flowering and little bean heads are popping up. I think I have a few sunflower seeds too but now I forget which pot they are in.
It's like watching your babies grow every day.

This year my grape vines  already have about 200 leaves. Maybe I will pick some for my stuffed vine leaves. We always used to eat fresh leaves and parboil and freeze packages of 200 for later.
 Outside the yard is in bloom with black berry flowers. I should try and collect leaves to dry to make tea for winter. I never collect the berries but should. The jam from the berries is excellent.

They keep talking about Bruce Jenner and I think this country has gone crazy.
What about all the other people? The fat people, the tall people, the little people. People born with short arms. People born with other things like blindness cancer, big heads full of water.Are they all happy?
People with cystic fibrosis say they are happy. Retarded people say they are happy.
When there is talk about aborting them, they say no, we want to be born.
Ask Stephen Hawking if he is happy and he will say yes. He has respect, a career, money and women who love him.
And here we have healthy people, un happy with being healthy and this is all we talk about.
Why are they not happy?

If we go into comedy, they makes jokes about every body and here laws are being passed that
you wont be able to say if you were born a man or a woman or which toilet you go to.
Heck at my age I don't care which toilet I go into. Peeing in my pants is more important than the sign on the toilet door. Arrest me.

Everything you laugh at, offends someone. That's why it's funny.
 Pretty soon Charlie Hebdo will be scrutinized as anti gay or anti trans gender by jokes they crack as being pro gay and pro trans gender.
Oh ya. It can get complicated.
 Boy,  the Arabs would get a good laugh from it all. lol

Many comedians just poke fun at their own man hoods .
I can't wait for them to pass laws against that too. lol

I can just picture a policeman asking someone... Well, what did this person look like?
And you would not be able to say since everything you say would be against the law.
All you can say is: "Oh this person was sad, so this is why he/she does what he/she does.
We need more anti sadness laws."

Suppose you say: Oh he was 6.5,  black, cross eyed, bull legged, buck toothed,spoke slang, wore a bull horn around his pee pee, feather in the hole in his head, and wore a mini skirt....... you could be put in jail for this description.
Can you imagine how many pressure groups would be after you? lol What's wrong with being 6.5 black buck toothed bull legged speaking slang and wearing a mini skirt with a bull horn around around your pee pee? That's like having 8 lawsuits going against you for this description.

Then based on this, how can a police man arrest the suspect?
The lawyers would say oh this was entrapment and discrimination. The police was looking for suspects matching that description and we know there is nothing wrong with people matching that description.

 Good bye freedom and good eyesight. Hello crime. People will see no evil, hear no evil and God forbid, speak no evil, against evil. It would hurt a criminals' feelings and that's against the law.
Lots of trouble seeing and talking about so many things against the law, like what a person looked like and how he behaved.

How dare you call me a criminal for entering your home, beating you and stealing your money and
furniture? You invited me in and gave it to me. Is it my fault you like kinky sex too?
Try to please someone.....

Then they will say you looked at someone and now have an opinion you should not have.
Today, trying to prove your innocence, practically does not exist.
You buy ply wood for your roof, the neighbor comes at night and steals it and puts it on his roof, and the law is with your neighbor.
There is no way in hell you can prove you did not give it to him or sell it to him.
The neighbors are not even scared to tell you that they don't need to ask you if they can take the tires off your car. They were just trying to be respectful and

This is the new definition of politeness and respect today. This is thee new laws we have to live under.

With so many hard cruel issues in this world to tackle, leave it to North America to continue to sit absorbed in sex. It's just sad.

 In Africa, they just breed tons of kids to starve and kill so they can breed more.They don't have to talk about their man hoods all day cause actions speak louder than words.

No one can talk about clothing and makeup or even magazines and reality shows. They dont exist. All we see there, are tears and hands  asking for rice. You send them money for food and it never gets there.
But in America, we just seem to be absorbed with one topic. Sex.
We push it everywhere. It's become an obsession.

What do psychiatrists says about obsessions????? Oh ya. They are the reason for all these changes in thinking. Every one has to feel good about themselves.

They say soldiers coming home from wars kill themselves. They are unhappy but no one makes
shows about them. Maybe if they could make the money Bruce Jenner is making, they would not have to commit suicide? What has being happy to do with it?

Was Elvis Presley happy? Was Michael Jackson Happy?
Is Justin Bieber happy? We know Robin Williams, Freddie Prinze,Charles Rocket, Heath Ledger?....
What about all these WW2 survivors? Were they happy? No but they understood struggle and looked for a better life with food on the table and a roof over their heads. They had more to think about than their pee pees.

Ya, my pee pee could show you a thing or two. Oh Ya. 12 inches under my skirt  here baby.  lol or oh ya, 4 inches here of pure joy baybay. or oh honey girl you are getting me hot lets enjoy each other. My names' Lilly.
 Oh you don't want to have sex with me? Why not? What's wrong with me? It makes me very unhappy you dont want to have sex with me. You don't want to make me unhappy do you?
You are racist.
Police.. arrest this woman.

Everything is just going too far.
Laws don't make people happy.
Society can't make people happy.
 Sex can't make people happy.
Most things people do today, won't make them happy.
 I heard one man say Nothing like a good hard days' work. You come home feeling you achieved something and this makes you happy. Puts a lot into perspective.

I love flowers. Don't you?
Well have a nice day.:)

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