Saturday, March 3, 2012

Raging Lady

The blackness of the sky, whirling her frilly skirts,
Like a demon, slapping me down into the soaking ground,
Belting me with hail stones, was her way to work,
Into making a decision, a decision not so far away from
My own, to either fight for life or die.

She did not flatter me to believe it was in any way
Going to be my decision, but hers alone.
Her scorn was very real.
A raging, water dragon lady, she allowed me to kneel
Just to blow me down again and roll me through harsh terrain
Tormenting my body, as her own soul.

Like I, she was unable to decide if she should fight or relent into tears.
I was nothing to compete against and my problems
Did not adhere to hers, as they were only personal to me.

On the edge of madness,I looked up into the blood stained
Eye of the sky, and laughed, screaming up into her wrath:
Decide!! Decide!! Demon Woman of the sky!!
Take me out of hell and let me die!!
Decide, and set me free!!
I know that's what you would have of me!

To which she rumbled and struck out in a deafening,
Explosive manner, pushing the arrogance in my face, down
Again into the muddy waters, drowning me in my own sputter.

Weakened by the tremendous power of her hand
I struggled to lift my bruised and bloodied face,
To squint half way up between her and Mother Earth.
In my madness, I couldn't understand the hesitation
She had the power and the will and here I was,
A willing victim.

And then it dawned on me, in her own way,
I was meant to perceive by this exhibition, that
My will to live was stronger than my will to die
I fought, by lifting up my head and she relented and
Cried before she push it down again,
Into soft mud, from which it was easy for me to rise.

She was forgiving, enchanting, wise and in total control

I dared not look up into the dawning of a new phase of the sky,
As she lifted up her black skirts
To show me, that in the end, the day would be brighter than bright.
I felt the caress of her warmth upon my back bringing me back to life and
To the living world, fluttering around me.

Humbled by her power and knowledge I secretly thanked her
For understanding me better than I did myself.
I went home to the love I knew I'd find there,
In spite of myself, in spite of everything that would be thrown at me
By living.

I was a man, as we are all men.
I was entitled to Gods' Given time in the sun, gifted to me.
I was entitled to my mistakes, to my failures, as well as to my victories
Because this is how we learn and take the knowledge with us when we die.
Each comes in its own time and my raging Lady showed me
It doesn't have to be hell,
to survive and
Death, is never an accident.

A Lady's Life.

To write with a broken pencil is . . . pointless.....................

When fish are in schools they sometimes . . . take debate; because
they don't keep their mouth shut.

A thief who stole a calendar . . . got twelve months.

When the smog lifts in Los Angeles . . . U.C.L.A.

The professor discovered that her theory of earthquakes . . . was on
shaky ground.

The batteries were given out . . . free of charge.

A dentist and a manicurist married . . . They fought tooth and nail.

A will is a . . . dead giveaway.

If you don't pay your exorcist . . . you can get repossessed.


Old Kitty said...

Hello A Lady's Life!! Just popped over to say hi!

Wow what a poem! Demon Woman is frightening - she who must be obeyed!

The willing victim doesn't stand a chance with such feminine power!

Thanks for sharing!

Take care

A Lady's Life said...

Old Kitty - lol
She was kind in her teaching