Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When Lightning Strikes

I had to look this up on snopes because every one and his Mother today wears some electrical device on his body and this being lightning/tornado season....

Snopes said Ipods do not draw lightning but lightning strikes where it wants to and they conduct electricity since they have metal in them.

People wearing devices would receive serious injuries in the event of lightning striking nearby.

July 2007 In the New England Journal of Medicine they had a case
of a 37 year old jogger in Vancouver, being thrown 8 feet, when lightning struck a nearby tree.
He got 2nd degree burns to his left leg and chest neck and sides of his face.
Both ear drums were ruptured as well as the small bones in his ear. His jaw was dislocated and broken in 4 places

I have always been fascinated by lightning and how some people say they were hit more than one time.
I now wonder if it was because they had metal on them or if they had more minerals in their blood stream than other people do.
Then I came across an article

It asked :
Where did life come from ?
and this is why creationists and evolutionists are coming closer together.

Water = consists of minerals and chemicals to support life but does not give life.

Oxygen would have destroyed life, decomposed it through natural process.

Ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen water vapor and methane also don't produce life and adding electricity to it only allowed for the production of some amino acids, from which proteins could be made but no life.
Even making them by fluke is like 10 to the 67th chance to one.
Scientists for the most part concluded, proteins required to support life, couldn't have originated by fluke through evolution.
It would be like saying a tornado could go through a junk yard, resulting in a Boeing 747.

Evolutionist Fred Hoyle agreed life could not have originated by chance
DNA has no intelligence. It can't be reproduced artificially or naturally in 10 billion years.
Only DNA can reproduce itself.
So there had to be an intelligent designer, like a computer programmer, to do this.

Scientists tried to design life the way evolutionists believed it could happen and found
when lightning strikes, it doesn't unite all the chemicals, minerals DNA proteins etc...
in the way they should be, for life to happen.

Very interesting article.

So if there was a creator who designed man, it must have been in his interest to see how long his creation would survive or if it would kill itself and die.
It is also logical to assume he would give man messages and guidance and show him that
life has no beginning and no end and people go on self journeys to explore to find them.

For others he gave instructions like the 10 commandments much easier
to understand because they encompass everything and because they do it is over whelming for man to accept them.
Man likes to come to his own decisions through his own journey.
To me God says if you follow this path , through my words
evil cannot touch you and I personally, found his words to be true.
I have never had psychological suffering as I see in people today.
People hate the 10 Commandments.
They are restrictions.
But they are only restrictions, for those who do not understand them.
They are a work of a genius, who could take all the laws in the world
and put them into 10 sentences.

In the end it will be between each one of us and God and I am sure he will find both good and bad in us all, and we'll be judged according to his wisdom.

Have a good one.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning sweet friend.

I love you poem titiled "Who We Are."

You are so gifted.

"In the end it will be between each one of us and God and I am sure he will find both good and bad in us all, and we'll be judged according to his wisdom."

This my friend is true.

Love for a great day!

A Lady's Life said...

thanks your poems are good too but I can't comment on them lol