Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angels of Life.

When I was a child I had a neighbor named Pat, a little girl I used to play with.
We were two angels but totally different.
She was always a Princess in her make believe world and I was always in some adventure, in a beautiful forest, surrounded by wild animals.
In real life I was always great with animals and I took great pleasure in analyzing
leaves, flowers and animal behavior. In some ways I tried emulating them thinking
geez, are they not little geniuses in how they survive without a Mom and Dad.
I think this is how man learned how to survive emulating the lives of animals.
Where ever I went I had an Angel sitting on my shoulder, guiding me, loving me and I was always safe.

Across the street lived another little girl with polio. She couldn't partake in many things as she lived upstairs and sat in a wheel chair, but sometimes her Dad would bring her down or we would go up for a visit to see her. We lived on a kind, loving street with very good families.

Then another family moved in with five children and we welcomed them but they came from a different world. The world of a down town city. They only knew how to speak with foul language. Every second word was a swear word.
It didn't work well for us and we told them that if you want to play with us, that language had to change.
Since they wanted to play with us, they tried very hard to change and within a month or so hardly ever a bad word came out of their mouth.
I often wonder what happened to my friends How they grew up, what their lives were like.
Mine whisked me away to different parts of the world where I learned so many things and came back a totally changed person.
I never saw so much sorrow pain suffering and poverty . I also saw genuine kindness in so many peoples eyes and hearts willing to share what little they had. It was another world.
Then coming home to get culture shocked by people who had much more to be thankful for, but full of cruel intent, manipulations, and unconscionable behavior.
It made me very sad.
Ayn Rand came to mind as she taught people different values and these values changed people into human beings who were just not nice to hang with.
They use bad language and insist everything is ok.
It's ok for them to free themselves while forcing others to have to sit and deal with their ignorance and callousness which forces more laws to be passed to stop them.
They become lonely walking shells, pretending to be human.

New kind of people who constantly whine and complain about everything and blame every one for their misfortune except themselves.
They are told not to do something and fall and hurt themselves and suddenly it's your fault.
They expect something for nothing and don't raise a finger to help themselves.

I look at kids today and they are so different from our generation which had chores to do and behaved well into their 20's. Parents were strict and never was a harsh word ever spoken against a parent let alone a hand raised. Today the papers are full of senior abuse.
Old people were a blessing to talk to and help as opposed to today when they fear anyone approaching them.

Kids were of stronger mind. We were all spanked. We had bullies and learned how to deal with them rather than complain and threaten to kill ourselves.
Today I listen to the news and think people have nothing to do.
If they found things to do to keep busy, their minds would not be suffering so.
Idleness begets suffering.

My Grand mothers words keep coming to mind as she always said
Keep your hands busy and so I do and creation brings me a lot of joy.

I plant a seed and it sprouts a leaf.Looking at it I become a child again, experiencing the adventure of a birth in nature. Small things.
I go back in history and do like the Indians did.
Instead of recycling boxes I put leftovers into pots and top them with a flower. The flower nourishes itself . From potato peels news potatoes emerge.
I think if every one threw their potato peels into the forests, so many potatoes would grow and feed the animals who otherwise have nothing to eat and come to man's garbage cans to feed.

I was a child and now I am grown and old but my heart is still the same.
I think man, if he lets himself, has a lot to offer nature.
Cemented cities could use more trees.Rain buckets could support fish life which would eat any mosquito larvae aiding in preventing diseases from mosquito bites.

Keeping your own grass clippings to keep your yard from eroding. Why can't people keep a goat or a sheep or bunnies to cut the grass? Small things.

Angels sit on all our shoulders and they are born every year to people as gifts from God
so man could relearn what life takes him away from.
Living around Angels is a blessing no one should be without.

Have a great day. :)


Andrew said...


Mama Zen said...

"Idleness begets suffering."

I believe that to be true.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mama Zen

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Andrew

Gattina said...

The kids nowadays are all the same but there are more good once than bad once. The only thing is you only talk about the bad once in the Newspaper.

A Lady's Life said...

yes but they are the ones who you will meet on the street and the ones who will break into your house.
Of course everything is an exception to the rule isn't it but the exceptions are becoming more and more as the papers are filled with more and more.

Diane said...

I do agree that our children need to be taught responsibility. For themselves, especially. and restraint. And good, old fashioned discipline. It would be a better work if we said 'no' to our children a bit more . . .

A Lady's Life said...

Diane I read the papers and they are very depressing When I tell my son he refuses to read them He says he needs to stay positive and all the papers do is fill you with gloom.
When they come to sell me newspapers I say no. lol