Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Innocent Life

I was born an innocent
As innocent as the day I was born, I grew
Until I saw my Mother cry
In front of the Lord.

And I looked up at his stern face
No smile or smirk, I found
I wondered, why did my Mom cry
And why she knelt, head bowed.

I was born an innocent
As innocent, as the day I was born, I grew
And when I looked up at the Lord
I was concerned, cause he was scorned.

I felt his pain up on the cross
I wondered why he died.
And when I saw the people come
They knelt, with their heads bowed.

Today, I am not innocent
I am scarred, from life and death
I stand before the Lord
But my head, is not bent.

I still look deep into his eyes
To try to understand why he's so stern
So sad, he died, up on the cross
For men..... who do not learn.

I was born an innocent
I die each day a little
I bear my scars, from life and death
I cry, for all who suffer
I lost my smile and innocence
Watching young men die
But now I know why my Lord lives
He lives..... so I, my family, friends and hope survives.

A Lady's Life


Jody said...

AWESOME post!!

Have an awesome weekend :)

Sorry I have not been by, but I am having allot of health issues here lately (cracked tail bone) so I don't get on and stay online for long, lol! hey I am ALIVE, thanks to my Lord and Savior.



A Lady's Life said...

glad to hear you are alive and kickin
Thanks for visiting :)

George said...

This is simply marvelous. It's so moving and so true.

A Lady's Life said...

thank you george

Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Sorry for the absence, but time has been at a premium here... ;)

Great poem!!

Blogtrotter Two has reached April 2011; no trips, and posting delay is shortening... ;). Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Lady! BEAUTIFUL. I read it twice. I also printed it and put it in my bible.

I truly adore you and I'm grateful that we found one another.

Big warm embrace from North Beach, Maryland!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you butterfly

A Lady's Life said...

Nice to see you back trotter

Lydia Kang said...

Thank you for sharing this. :)

A Lady's Life said...

welcome Lydia