Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Save the Spirit Bear

Video with Kevin Bacon

I am following Sandy's cue to help save the spirit bears in British Columbia.

The above link has an email to send to the CEO of Enbridge Co asking him not to put a pipe line where so many animals are at risk of dying. The company has a history of oil spills.

The animals have no where else to go and they live here.
Bears whales salmon wolves etc....
Right now its beautiful and clean.

Without a place to live the animals come to man and we end up having to kill them.
This is wrong!!!!

Every one is welcome to send an email to help save this bear's land.
So far its mainly BC that was trying to save it but we need the world.
This is a place your children and their children will one day come to see and what a beautiful place it is to see. Lets leave it pristine, wild and free.

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