Friday, March 9, 2012

Mothers' Cries.

A Mother screams out into the night sky
I will send my sons to fight for God
For God is the only thing worth fighting for.
I give them birth so they may serve
The one, The Only God on earth!

She sends one and then the other, the third and forth
To see them ne'er more.
Hungry, tired she becomes an outcast
All alone, to walk the earth.

She cries out to God
Why have you forsaken me?
I gave you everything!!!

Instead she sees black death
Standing before her, surrounded by
Black crows, cawing into the night.

Death says to her
You sent your sons to me, not God.
They were not yours to give
For they were born to live.

God isn't vengeful.
He has no anger, no regrets,
No anguish, nor pain because
He truly lives.
His only quest is for the survival
Of his creative work.
He lives to see it live.

The rest he sends to me
In darkened graves.
Skeletons, to feed the dead,
Dead of spirit
Dead of soul
Dead of hate and
Dear of war.

And I am here to collect what's mine.
If you do not live for life
Then you must die.

You, who sent your flesh and blood to die
Was not the hand of God, but lies.
I am the truth here facing you
If you want your sons,
You come to me.

A Lady's Life.

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