Monday, March 5, 2012

River Rockin

Its right on the river facing a marina and it's growing every day.
A little bit of Vegas, found right here in Richmond BC.
People come spending 10's of thousands of dollars on one poker game. and if you don't want to play it's so interesting watching people lose money, it takes other people a whole year to earn.
Makes you think people are really crazy.

But it's a great place for kids. They have a pool , sauna , exercise room and you can roll up to it in your own boat. The view at night is very pretty and you can see the planes come in very close right above your head since the airport is right there.
The buffet is excellent. If you are staying there you get the best $14.00 complimentary breakfast inclusive of lox pancakes fried eggs potatoes coffee juice bacon fruit, yogurt toast bagels cinnamon rolls and the list goes on .
The rooms come at a variety of prices depending on what kind of room it is.
Richmond itself is a Chinese community and if you know anything about the Chinese people, they love good food and so you have a very wide variety of restaurants and food to suit your taste buds.
Yaohan is one grocery store store with a large cafeteria selling almost every type of food you like
for 6 dollars and portions are generous as well as delicious.
The two large malls are fun to visit and there is a sky train that comes right to door of the Casino, right from the airport if you so desire. It's so easy and convenient to go downtown for more spectacular events and restaurants.
They have a wide variety of entertainers booked to entertain you. I saw Sylvia Browne as one of them.
There is also a bus that comes there to take you to Seattle, USA if you have a destination to go there.

Many people go to Whistler for skiing and then the the River Rock Resort for the after party.

After eating there, we are sure to go back for seconds, that's for sure.
Whatever the event, birthday, marriage, anniversary, you are sure to sparkle booking a room to entertain in at the River Rock Resort.

Have a wonderful day.


George said...

This sounds like quite a place to visit. I'm not sure about the gambling, but I could go for the food.

A Lady's Life said...

We don't gamble but we like to watch other people and they are funny.
It is heart breaking to see them put down so much money to lose in two minutes what students need for one year of school and can't find a job to earn.
In my way of thinking this would be a better way to lose my money, investing in a mind.

Diane said...

Hmmm. Sounds like a great place! Sold!