Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Jesus the Problem?

I found this book to be worth reading especially to people who don't know much about the times and ways of Jesus
​The author discussed how some authors wrote books on the subject and brought up things as proof of his non existence, that had nothing to do with whether or Not Jesus actually was/is a historical figure.
Many who wrote about him had second hand information,. Original writings had long disappeared, much of which were based on word of mouth which tends to get stretched and scribes rewriting texts were mentioned to add to and take away from the Aramaic Jesus of Palestine spoke.
What was nice was to find out that Palestine always belonged to the Jews.
So why are we fighting today over it?
For the most part I liked the book very much except for the final few pages where I thought Ehrman fizzled out.
The part where he stated that life and times have changed so issues have changed.
Issues such a divorce abortion gay marriage etc.......
He based his argument on the New Testament but the story always begins at the beginning and here, it is with Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve as we remember, were happy in the garden of Eden , living in innocence.
Then an intruder came in and began to put thoughts into their heads.
This resulted in them being kicked out of the garden of eden and forced to live a life in shame, guilt, jealousy, fear, pain, suffering,...... etc...
No matter what technological changes man makes in his life, some aspects inherent in man never changes.
This is why the 10 Commandments has been kept alive through out the ages.
Man is being taught today that he can have his cake and eat it too but this never happens because the ugly raw truth stands alone and can never be changed.
It's like they say, it is what it is.
If you stop listening to truth, then what are you listening to?
Who are these intruders who teach falsehoods and expect you to believe what they say at the expense of raw truth?
They make Truth ugly, and  an enemy of both the people and justice.
They lose man in a maze of laws full of falsehoods which contradict each other so  man loses rights and freedoms without even understanding or knowing that he has.
Most of the issues we face today are non truths, simply because we have turned our heads against Truth itself.
Like Adam and Eve, we listen to intruders who do not have our best interests at heart.
Who do not care if we live or die.
Who are not concerned with quality of life.
Who have no idea of who they are, or what they stand for believe,or who they hurt.
So we agree on Adam and Even, We agree on the 10 Commandments,
We agree Jesus was a historical figure who tried to clarify things to people because they were for the most part illiterate.
What is surprising about this book, is to see that literacy did not change societies much with time. It only added to the confusion.
Man reads but he still does not understand.
There is no true messenger to deliver truth and when one such messenger tries, he gets stomped on.
If for example, we were to understand what thou shalt not steal means today,
most of the world would be guilty and in jail.
TRUTH laws convict every  one of theft because man made theft legal.
Whether or not theft is legal, it is still theft.
It is this sort of thing Jesus was trying to explain to people in his time.
His message rings true even today.
Issues we face today are the same issues we faced in ancient times.
They never change, as Truth never changes.
As man never changes.

Man continues to listen to the intruders and the wrong messengers
and until he figures this out for himself, pain, suffering, will endure and grow.