Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blue Tsawwassen Beach

We walked along the beach in the early evening.
The wind blew from the shore as the tide rolled in
It was cold and we had to tighten our coats around us
and dig our hands into our pockets.
We got to a nice big log on the beach and sat on it

My husband poured the coffee we brought in the cannister.
It was nice and hot and welcome
Every now and then someone walks by with their dog
The dogs have a great time here
They don't mind the cold nor the freezing water.
They chase balls and sea gulls and the sea gulls love to tease them.
What a great life living by the sea.
You never get tired watching the waves in the early morning sun and the late sunsets.
Neither of us spoke as we stood and just breathed
A moment of solitude
A moment of togetherness.
A moment to love

Hope you had a good one.:)


Rob-bear said...

So happy that you live close to the sea and can enjoy it. If we could afford it, we'd live around Vancouver, or Victoria. Or even Halifax. But those places are too far away from family.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear - Our families live dispersed all over the world. My oldest son moved to australia and the youngest is busy living his own life. So eventually you are left with the one you love.
It would be nice to have a large family around one.
It is a lot more fun especially around holidays. :)

Diane said...

We do love having our children/grandchildren around, but we love our together alone time, too. What a wonderful picture you paint!

A Lady's Life said...

Yes I love my family and wish they were around more.
But then if you can't then go full circle and love the one who made it all possible. :)