Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Lone Soldier

A Lone soldier, he stands
A survivor
Every spring.
His roots deeply embedded
Where they are never found.

A lone Soldier He survives
Living through
The thick and thin
He is here, a sign of promise
A sign, that we are not alone.

A Single Soldier
Yellow and green
A bright survivor
Brave and strong
Every Spring.

A Lady's Life.

I planted many bulbs through out the years but few survive the pesty squirrels.
They come and dig them all out.
A few flowers survived and they keep coming back year after year.
This one looked so lonely and brave out on the front lawn.
I had to take a picture of it.


Two bowling teams
One team all blondes
The other team all brunettes
Chartered a double decker buss for a trip to Ohio

The Brunette team took the bottom part of the bus
The Blondes took the upper part of the bus.

The Brunettes were having a heck of a time hootin and hollerin
Suddenly they noticed that the Blondes upstairs were very quiet... too quiet.

One of the brunettes went upstairs to find out why.
She found all the blondes sitting in fear, looking straight ahead of them, with white knuckles and bulging eyes.
The Brunette asked: Whats wrong?
We're having a great time downstairs.

One of the blondes swallowed hard and looked up at her
and then whispered




Mama Zen said...

I love the poem!

Russell said...

Heh!! Love the joke! And the poem is quite nice.

We have some daffodils out here in Iowa now. Very, very rare as it is too early in our part of the world for such things.

We have had 80 degree temps for several days and it is strange, strange, strange.

Always enjoy stopping by .

Rob-bear said...

True; a driver is useful on a bus.

Does your ode to daffodils mean you have a Welsh connection?

A Lady's Life said...

thanks guys.

Rob bear no I do not have a welsh connection and those blondes never fail to amaze me lol

Diane said...

Pffff. Drivers are overrated . . . Loved your soldier, though! So brave!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Diane :)