Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cheeky Squirrel by A Lady's Life

I am faded.
Lost........absorbed by the
Enchanted woods around me
I gave way to my troubles
To no future and no past.

Indifferent I sit in these beloved woods.
For in them there is no tomorrow.
It's all

And if not for a cheeky squirrel
Chittering to awake me
I'd be there still
Captured and enamored
Lost inside myself and thoughts.

I am faded and absorbed.
I feed the woods with my bloods' soul,
For here, no tomorrow's to be found,
Just today... today ... today

And if not for the cheeky squirrel,
Chittering to awaken,
Anger me and pull me out,
I'd be still, without tomorrow.

I smile into this beloved face
The face I know so well
The face that grows old with me
The warm, soft face, that dwells

Deep inside my heart, where
your eyes can see through mine,
Tired, worn, and true,
I have to think, this cheeky squirrel
Brought me back to you.
A Lady's Life


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning sweet friend. I tried to post from home and couldn't. Everyone talks about how great the iphone is and it wouldn't let me comment on your blog ;-(

I love this poem. The last sentence inspires me to write a poem. I love your beautiful writings and the thoughts that linger in my head long after I read them.
Is this one for my book?

I'm super excited to have your work in my collection and to know that if will forever be apart of our friendship.

Lots of love!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Butterfly These poems I wrote as a kid I am just putting them on line and one day will probably gather them up. I find them in my old books as I sift through them. Life goes by quickly.