Saturday, March 31, 2012

Georgia Straight

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Our trip to Nanaimo Aboard the Queen of Alberni was quite exciting.
It was cloudy, wet and chilly but the air was brisk and fresh.
We only saw one sailboat risking the cold air and high waves.
This must be a true sailor.:)

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As we travelled we could see the islands so close yet so far away.
If anyone fell into the frigid waters, they would never reach the coast of any island.
The clouds were very low you felt you could almost touch them.
All the way to Nanaimo which you can see in the distance.
Our ferry was huge but many smaller ferries Island hop

This is an emergency craft geared to take care of small matters that crop up

We searched and searched for killer whales in the choppy waters
Last time we saw them but not today.The waters were full of ducks. We tried taking photos of them but they were too quick and dove under water to catch fish. They were far away from shore and the waters are deep so I wonder just how far they dove to catch something.
Since running ferries is expensive they wait until there are a lot of cars before leaving shore.
So the Tsawwassen Quay is appreciated because it gives one a chance to visit the powder room and buy a coffee at food stalls, visit the gift shops, buy stamps etc....
The cars are left outside by themselves lol

I caught a shot of one duck before it dove. I just don't know how it doesn't freeze sitting there in such choppy cold water.
You have to respect ingenuity of nature when you see it.

Coming closer to Nanaimo one sees many houses along the shore line but there are so many more hidden behind the trees one doesn't see. We never imagined so many people lived here.
The coast lines are visited by many ducks, gulls, sea lions, and Canada Geese.
Nanaimo is famous for its' Nanaimo bars, something every one must taste when then come here.

I could not get over the clouds how beautiful they looked . The ferry employees all love their jobs, going back and forth aboard the ferry. One never gets bored as things always change here.

These are shots of our arrival to Vancouver Island via the Georgia Straight.
More to come.


George said...

You may have had a cloudy day for your voyage, but you got some wonderful pictures. The clouds are beautiful, but so are the islands and the waters. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

Rob-bear said...

I've been on those ferries before, when we were on the coast visiting family and friends. The ride, though expensive, is quite a treat. Thanks for telling of your journey.