Friday, March 23, 2012

Where Are Our Fish?

Reading articles like from the link above about China and the toxic fish they sell is truly upsetting.
Lets forget about Walmart, the biggest culprit where foreign produce is concerned. I went to the Real Canadian Superstore and tried to find some good Canadian seafood.
I read labels now and some don't say where the seafood comes from while all the others say the fish comes from Thailand, China or some other Asian country.

We live on the coast of BC. Our laws are very strict when it comes to fish. We have all these checks on our produce to make sure good food is sold to the public and then we have nothing but produce from countries known to be toxic growers, on our store shelves.

How is it the public is not outraged?

Where is our BC / Canada sea food and produce?

We have great oysters grown by our own people. Where are they? I hardly find anything except wild salmon from our BC waters. In fact if we want to make sure the fish comes from Canadian waters, we have to go to the Steveston wharf to buy it, direct from the fishermen.
We are not allowed to eat our own dug up oysters from the beach because they say they are polluted. Same with crabs.

We make a big ordeal about farm fishing in ocean waters, which they say promotes sea worms on farmed fish, giving them to wild salmon, yet we buy toxic fish from other countries?

One article I read said China puts chicken cages over ponds and when the chickens poop, the poop drops into the ponds and the fish eat the poop and then the people eat the fish and it is sold to other countries. The chicken are fed hormones and food from polluted land and waters.

Where are our government officials to stop toxic fish from entering our borders?
Do they check the fish? Are there labels saying the fish are checked by our inspectors?
I didn't see any.
We should not be buying produce known to be toxic, from Asian countries.
We sell them good food.

I think the time has come for people to grow their own food at home and feed the animals food they want in their system, to put on our own tables.
I know the animals we kept were grown on good grain, corn, bread, lettuce and back yard grass, dandelions etc... free of pesticides and insecticides. I know because I was the one who was sent to dig out the dandelions while our neighbor grew huge ones for their salads, in their gardens.

It's one thing when you live in the interior of a country where sea food is not readily available but to live on a coast country and not be able to find readily available Canadian sea food except for salmon, is indeed un acceptable. It should also be cheaper because the shipping costs should be a lot less than say fish, having to travel farther across oceans and land.

Should the FDA be taken to court for not being more stringent with food suppliers??
We go to restaurants and they always try to cut corners buying cheap meat and fish, so what are we eating?

We always speak about health to lower medicare costs and then we are served bad food on our family tables and restaurants, bought from stores and butchers we are told to trust in.
Its something to be outraged about.

We have homeless people and too many Canada geese. Someone had an idea to catch these geese and give them to the homeless shelters for people to eat and they refused to eat them because of the lead content these birds might be carrying. They wouldn't eat these birds for free and here we are paying so much for seafood, not knowing what we are eating.

Maybe we should catch these birds and breed them in our back yards.
When we eat goose, it should be our own goose from Canada and the poop they make used for flower beds and trees. Imagine having goslings waddling around your back yard. They eat all the yard bugs keeping your yard clean and fish in a carefully managed childrens pool, eat all the mosquitoes while providing natural fertilizer for flowers and the front lawn which benefit bees and birds. Bees are required in nature and they are dying.
A whole new eco system could be managed in every back yard.

I am a proud Canadian Consumer .
I want to see MADE IN CANADA products on my store shelves.
How about you?
Have a great day!!



Gattina said...

Makes me laugh because we look if it's made in a European country, Chinese products are very much controlled since toxic toys arrived on the market !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina - yes and with good reason too. lol

Mama Zen said...

I'm almost afraid to even buy fish any more!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen you and me both.

Rob-bear said...

What you are asking and saying makes a lot of sense. But the right people — the people who could make change — aren't listening.

On the other hand, we live in apartment. We moved here because we could not manage our home, our yard. I'm not convinced I could actually manage a garden of sufficient size to feed my wife and me. But I'm sure I could do some things which I could trade for food.

Yeah; it's complicated.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear we have community gardens here where every one is given a small plot of land to have a hobby garden. You don't have to be a farmer but to supplement your food intake with food you know more about makes a difference.
In Apartments people do roof and balcony gardening. They grow things in upside down hanging pots, one tomato plant gives about 20 tomatoes good for a month while another plant is growing to take over after this one is done. Oregano is very good for you in salads. Other people grow things over water in aquariums .Easy and clean.A few food plants beside windows is good. It can be done no
matter where you live and because it's under your nose, you can take better care of it.