Thursday, March 8, 2012


This Tat was a very lucky and tough pussy.
We went to the SPCA to find a kitten for my son.
I am slow looking at animals and I stopped at every dog cage but my husband and son rushed through into the cat section and left by the time I got there.
I looked at the nice cats they had there and was not happy they left so fast.
When I went up front, there they were buying one of two very ugly kittens someone just brought in a cage a second ago.
My son said
Daddy I want dat tat.
I was a little upset because there were such nice kittens in the back but no
they had to buy a black one and it had to be a mickey mouse. and not really a mickey mouse because the colors were not symmetrical.
We brought him home and the dogs raised him to think he was a german shepherd instead of a cat.
He wasn't afraid of anything.
He even put a Rotweiller to shame one day when he swatted him across the nose and the Rottie came to me for help lol
He was a great guard dog around the house, the main man.
Once he got into the roof of a neighors house and couldn;t get out >
It was Christmas and I didn't like the sign that I was missing my cat at this time of year. We went out and called him and called him. We heard a meow but could not determine the location it came from. We thought some one caught him in a cage somewhere.
He was gone almost two weeks.
I told my boys he'll be back for Christmas but it was almost Christmas Eve and he wasn't home.
For a woman who didn't like black cats I was distraught so my boys went out to look for him again. This time Alex my oldest came running home and said Mom we heard a hoarse meow from the neighbors roof.
OK we had a location.
We went to the neighbor and told him we thought our cat was inside his roof.
He said He heard meows but didn't know from where they came.
Apparently he got through an eve into the roof and the eve closed up and he couldn't get out.
We had to climb up there and my husband pulled him out.
He looked like he was half dead but soo happy to be out finally and in my arms.
We took him home and he drank a lot of milk and then quieted down a while
Slowly we began to feed him and the next week we hear a knock on the door .
It was the neighbor telling us our cat was in his roof again.
We had to again climb the roof and get our cat.
Something was taking him there all the time.
The area is full of little critters and this Tat was a hunter.
The term curiosity killed the cat really applied to him but satisfaction always brought him back because we always saved him.
But just to think how many beautiful kittens are put down every year and this ugly cat survived because of a little boy, is uncanny. He never saw the inside of the SPCA.
His twin probably didn't make it.
Tatty lived 18 years. He was happy very intelligent and free to live a normal cat life, doing what cats love to do the best.
I didn't like him because he had three colors in his eyes and when he looked at you, he had a very eerie gaze, as if to say: Don't sleep or I'll eat you. lol
but then as it turned out,I loved him very much without knowing it.

We got him back for Christmas just as I promised the kids we would.
Two weeks without food or water.
Darn cat! :)

Have a good one.


Gattina said...

Uggly ??? I am offended, my little Rsie looks just like him so cute !
You made him lazer eyes, he is for nothing, lol ! Indeed he is a surviver !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina : He was extremely ugly and dirty when we got him as a kitten. He became gorgeous as he grew.

George said...

I found this cat story to be very interesting. I think the cat must have used up all nine of his lives. After all, he got adopted right away, thought he was a German Shepherd, and got trapped in your neighbor's roof twice. Amazing!

A Lady's Life said...

George he was an amazing cat. Sometimes I thought he was human or a human reincarnated back into a cat.

Amanda said...

sounds like a great kitty! :)

A Lady's Life said...

He was a great Cat Amanda :)