Thursday, March 29, 2012

People......People Who Need People

We jumped over hump day Wednesday and now it's dull Thursday.
One more day to look forward to before the week end.
That should bring a smile to every ones face.

Love Gives

Love ever
gives, forgives, outlives,
and ever stands
with open hands,
for while it lives, it gives.
For this is love's prerogative—
to give, and give,
and give."

John Oxenham

Have a great day every one!


Gattina said...

As I am retired, I don't like weekends ! All shops and stores are closed and the whole country is "dead" ! Even on TV there is nothing special.

A Lady's Life said...

No kiddin! And here people look forward to week ends cause all the stores are full.
I can't even imagine everything being closed especially with unemployment being so high.

Akelamalu said...

Had a gorgeous week here, weatherwise, and as I'm retired I've been able to really enjoy it. :)

Have a great weekend. x

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I don't always like my "job" but I do like the fact that in my line of work Thursdays are Fridays for me. My work week begins on Sunday. So YAY for me. My weekend begins in 20 minutes.


I love the photo and the poem. But not as much as I love you and the sweet comment you left on my BLOG.

You are a treasure to behold and a beautiful person that happened upon my life's story. So very glad you did.

Love and hugs

Rob-bear said...

Did you know that Thursday is the best day of the week on which to have your car built? Close enough to the end of the week that workers tend to be encouraged. Not so close that they start to get sloppy.

Bloggers: people who need people. An interesting thought. Seems so appropriate.

Hope the rest of your week, and weekend, go well.

George said...

One nice thing about being retired is that just about every day can be a weekend day. The bad thing is that the weekend chores last all week.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Guys,
For once I had a fabulous few days in Courtney BC. Had a chance to look around, enjoy the brisk weather because we are nearer to the mountains and they are full of snow.On the other side of my hotel is the beautiful Georgia Straight.
I took some pics so I will explain in my next blog.
I love it here. The Air is so fresh and brisk. Something I missed so much and the water is exceptional to drink.
I highly recommend Vancouver Island.:)