Friday, March 9, 2012

Gulag of Freedom

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It was escape.
I found my freedom
Away from the gulag of life

No one can touch me here
For I have evolved inside my head
I am floating outside
Between the bars, over fences
and I am free.

The air is fresh and
I am nourished
No aches found in my body
No blinding light
No one to fear for love has overtaken my soul.
Truly I have escaped
I have found a new world.
I am alone in beauty and tranquility

I see a friend
I take her hand and we smile
at each other
and yet she tenderly pulls me left
but I want to go right
She tenderly but firmly smiles
with pearly teeth and golden hair

I try to wrench my hand from her grasp
You can't touch me here for I am free
Free from gulags,free from dialogue
Absolutely free.

Yes, you are free. Let me show you the way.
Let me show you, your new world.
She beckoned
And I followed.
She was my spirit guide and she showed me
What I craved to see.
She showed me what I wanted to see and
She whispered truths I wanted to hear.

I was engulfed by an aura of beauty and enchantment
I had never experienced before.
But the reverie was not to last
I was jerked into the real world
I was pushed and shoved and beaten
I tried not to open my eyes so as to hold on to my freedom
but pain sheared into my ribs
Blood poured into my eyes as they fluttered open unseeing
and a voice I recognized to be mine,
shreiked up into a thick, cemented wall.

Determined not to lose my concentration
I kept my freedom focused in my mind.
I was alive and free, in a new world.
It's not an illusion.
I am...........

A Lady's Life.

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