Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awakening the Astral Truth.

People think just because they do not believe in religion, they are living without it.

Atheism is a religion. Communism is a religion.Cannibalism is a religion.
The spirit world, is a religion. Sylvia Browne talks about angels all the time as well as her spirit guides.
Shamanism is a religion.
Realism, Existentialism, Democracy, Capitalism ..... All religions.

People create their own worlds to live in, with their own gods, so to say one shed religion, is incorrect, because what you are in reality doing, is in itself a religion.

All is God.
This is why satan can't win because even he, is a part of the ONE.
You cannot shed religion, as a spiritual being, which all humans are.
Dust to dust. Ashes to ashes.

Religion is your belief in what you are doing and integrating into yourself.
Whatever people believe in, is a religion.

People knowing this, believe that this being the case, it makes no difference if they are bad or good. They use it as an excuse saying, no matter what I do, I will be forgiven because God is love.
It is a lot more fun and easier to be bad. Try doing good and see how hard that is.
You get eaten alive. Called all sorts of bad names. Nerds, bigots, squares.

Why listen to rules.
Liberate yourself. Be free. Do what you want. Everything is ok.

But my friend, everything is not ok because if it was ok, most of us would not have reached puberty.
There is evil in this world.
The only thing that helps to promote good religion.
RELIGION is restriction.
The God given right,to say NO!.
So to choose which religion you want to believe in is very important because its not just

You teach your children the word NO!
God teaches man the word NO!.
If God can't teach man the word no then how can you teach your children?
If you don't teach them not to cross the street full of traffic, they will die.
If God can't teach man right from wrong, man will die.

From my world, I have seen people who experimented with the spirit world, albeit not as far as
Shirley Maclean has. She is fascinating.
Some met up with a bad end meeting up with bad spirits and being counseled by bad spirit guides.
Religion teaches us therefore not to do this. Never look into the eyes of evil.
It corrupts you and takes you away from knowing true love.
True love is begot through innocence.
This is why we treasure innocence and why innocence should not be trampled upon in schools etc.. by pressure groups.

It is because we do not know the beyond, we cannot understand everything.
Knowledge is something we will never beget in our lifetime.
No matter how much we learn, we will still die ignorant fools.
To think otherwise is insanity.
In fact Nietzche, was one of the smartest people alive and he went insane
because of knowledge.

It is undeniable that there is good and bad, yin and yang and it has nothing to do with being a Buddhist or Muslim or Christian. It has nothing to do with race or color .

What we have in religion, are only guidelines, to help man understand what good is.
Those promoting war through religion, are false prophets.Pretenders.

Religion is not meant to be fanatical over.
It's not meant to become sick over.

If one believes like Lenin and Mao Tse Tung did, that religion is an opiate of the people,
dangerous enslavement, then what was their excuse killing so many people?

Communism is anti human rights. It's a new religion. Islam is anti human rights.

What was Stalins' excuse and Hitlers excuse? What was Hirohito's excuse?
What was Idi Amins' excuse for eating people?

We have young people,here in North America, who never heard of God, sitting on buses today and for no reason, get up and chop off the head of the person sitting next to them. Why?

Media/music/ movies/sex, today, can be seen as liberated religions.

Read the news and it's all negative, full of violence and hate and most of these people who do this, who disobey laws, are not religious people and neither are they good people.
But they are free people.

Music, using swear words , blaspheming Mothers and women is heavy for the soul to bear.
How are women to be respected if they are all seen as whores?
Married women are equated to prostitutes because they say you still spread your legs.
There is a difference between the reasons why a married woman spreads her legs and why a prostitute spreads her
Women feel they are liberated because they have become desensitized by men who say:
Its nothing bitch. You live to give me a blow job.
How is this a loving relationship?

These are all new religions and so far away from the true meaning of love.

So the answers do not lie in the spirit world, as much as they lie in man's ability to understand right from wrong,
Good from bad and
that freedom and liberalism do not mean going against the establishment.

It is because establishment exists, order exists, and man is allowed to survive.

You cannot give freedom to people who have no sense of good judgement or the ability to think, rationalize.
You can't give people freedom if they have no self discipline or self control because they are wild cards running around doing things they shouldn't for fun or fanaticism or hate or because of all the suffering they endured , endangering themselves and others.
Once someone is hurt, they go to jail.

Once you meet up with a bad spirit, you end up dead or insane.

The universe itself, does not live in chaos. If it did, we would not be following the same path around the sun enabling man to be born, survive and enjoy a blue and green world.

The Universe and Life is not about chaos but about rules.
Touch fire, you burn.
Take drugs , you die.

It's very simple but people don't seem to understand so they go and put blame on religion and this gives them the excuse they need to reject rules and regulations required for society to live safely and united.

Religion is not the opiate of the people.

Selfishness is. Egoism is. Playing God is. Power is. Money is. Kiasu mentality is.

Religion is about humbleness, graciousness, respect and love.
Religious people never allow themselves to get angry or put themselves into an aggressive situation. Defensive... yes.

If people believed in the Ten Commandments,
they would be utterly free, alive and full of love because they encompass everything.

Have a good one.


Zuzana said...

I agree with you and I too love Shirley, I was totally consumed by the books and the films.;)
I think we all come to a point in our life when we question our own existence and the meaning with everything. Many of us find comfort in religion even though religion has not always brought goodness to the world as many wars and conflict are carried out in its name.
Love the kitty in your post below, looks like Sammy!
Sorry for my absence, your blog has disappeared from my blogroll for some strange reason and I just recently realized that hey, wait a minute you have not posted for a while and now I see you have;))
Wishing you a great weekend,

Gattina said...

Only Christianism, Islamism and Judaisme are religions because they all believe in the same God. The old testament says so. All others are physolophy, like the buddhists.

Mama Zen said...

Egoism is the opiate of the masses? I think there is a tremendous amount of truth to that.

A Lady's Life said...

People do not realize that religions pop up every where. It's not just the main three or 4.
In fact people reject the Bible which is just a guide but what do they replace it with??? Spirit guides.
And who are these spirit guides?
If they promote good, they promote the Bible . If they promote bad they promote evil. A pretender.
Pretenders are found in all religions. No matter what you do,or what you believe in, its all the same thing in a different form.
The only thing we can say about Christianity, is that it fights for human rights and freedom. It fights for education and enlightenment. It wants people to come to it on their own merit. So it learned from history.
If you analyze the 10 Commandments you will see that it encompasses everything because it touches upon everything. It is the basis of law as we know it.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina That used to be the truth but today its all changed.People create their own religions.

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - I probably couldn't get through the captcha words lol
I wonder how the deaf get through them?

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - this is why people were warned against false prophets promoting war. If you look for a reason, you will always find one.

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - when it comes to beliefs, you have to be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire.
I believe innocence has to be treasured because this is where true love is found.
As a young Mom the torch has passed on to you and other young Moms . It's not an easy job.