Monday, April 1, 2013

Et si tu nexiste pas

We had a wonderful day yesterday . Good food. Good company.
The sun was shining. The guys unexpectedly got into the mood to cut the grass
while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.
 The dogs were happy and played chasing ball and sitting by the chairs.
Beau is slow now. He just follows you around like a good ol boy and Tanya
is still quick and runs upstairs after finishing what she is doing.

Then we listened to our favorite music tunes.
I remembered the karaoke sitting somewhere in a box I have to pull out.
The Joe Dassin songs  were for me and Dalida  and Julio Eglesias are my Husbands'
favorites and in between my sons modern music .lol
So every one was happy.

The black birds had a fight in the trees with another bird intruder and the blue jays were flying
back and forth doing their own thing.
They are a couple so I suppose they must have a nest somewhere nearby.
Then we found  archie bunker and boy that took us back a while.
We laughed and laughed at good ol archie, edith and meat head.
It was the episode where Edith had her change of life.
 She is such a good actress this lady. lol
 Then we saw Kevin Ware in Louisville break his leg in basketball.
That kinda astonished us to see how this happened.
The only thing I could say to my son was
that's what happens when you don't drink milk. lol
 He plays soccer and gets kicked in the shin all the time.

This morning I woke up and got a call from my cousin in England
We had a long chat. I have to say technology has come a long way.
You are always just a click away from people you love.

This morning I woke up with a sore neck.Must have caught a draft but
 I am still thinking about the gazebo in the garage we should put up
 so we could enjoy it in the summer.If we can put it up now, this would
leave quite a few months of summer to enjoy it in.

Well that's about it for this glorious morning.
Have a great day enjoying your end of the world.


Lorna said...

I listened to the song. It was lovely.

Russell said...

Lots of interesting thoughts.

Yes, All in the Family was quite a show. I remember my father refused to watch the show as he felt it was too outrageous.

Interesting to hear you are mowing grass now. It will be a while before we mow grass here in the Midwest.

As for the young man who sustained that terrible injury during the Louisville game, I don't think drinking more milk would have helped him too much ...! That was a very, very sad situation.

Glad you had a nice day yesterday.

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - I was very sad that young man died from a heart attack I believe.

A Lady's Life said...

Russell = Archie was quite a character on that show. I don't think he is like that in real life though lol
and Edith of course is quite
different in real life.

Rain and green is mostly what we have here until the hot sun comes out.

Well you never know, maybe milk and cheese would have helped make this mans bones stronger.
You just never know.

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for sharing your world. Beautiful stuff.

George said...

I was glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. It's always good to be with family and doing things that everyone enjoys. It sounds as if the Louisville player is going to have a complete recovery.

Gattina said...

That was a nice day you had ! My goodness the ol' Joe Dassin ! He was famous when I was young ! From time to time they still play his songs.
We did nothing on Sunday, but really nothing ! Ah no, I mowed the lawn while sitting on the sofa and watching a movie ! Oscar the robot lawn mower is great ! It was only 2° outside, I think I was the only one who mowed the lawn, lol !

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I'm with you My Lady...
Sunday was a great day! Food, fun, family and fond memories...

Sorry to hear about your neck...hope it's much better now.

Love you and keep being your beautiful, loving self. I appreciate you :-)