Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gnomb of an Idea. Short and Sweet.


Every now and then you meet people, who think they are above every one else.
They tell you how to park your car, where to park it on your property. where to plant your flowers,when to cut your grass. when and what to eat for lunch . They insult the clothes you wear, language you speak, etc...
Everything  bothers them.They walk like lords and masters in a country, where all men are equal.

Yesterday, I had one such neighbor come to my door pretending to
be collecting money for cancer research.
Now she had no credentials proving who she was and soliciting in our province
is illegal.
So she was lying, to get access to the home.

But I figure since the SPCA came to our street to another neighbor, it must be because she told them to go there and all she was doing was going to peoples' houses to listen how their dogs barked so she could get the right sound of the dogs' bark , she wanted to report.

I felt bad for the neighbor. I heard his dog bark the other night and I knew something was wrong because it's not an all day all night sort of thing where the dog is a nuisance.
It barked for a reason. They are just moving in and this is a stressful time for everyone.

The dogs around here only bark when there is something in the area they should be barking at.
We have kids doing drugs, hanging around after 10 pm in the forest behind our houses, buying, selling. Maybe one of her kids......???
Maybe her? I will not venture to go out to find out. lol
There have been a few shootings between drug gangs. Bodies found in ditches.
Dangerous stuff.
You don't want to be sitting in your living room one night or sleeping in your bed and have bullets flying around or someone breaking in to get away from someone.
I would think any neighbor would be grateful that while not owning a dog and paying for its upkeep, they get a free guard service by a dog who knows, she might not be safe in her house.
Rather than report the dog with excellent ears,she should investigate the area around her house for
It would then be a case of neighbors, helping neighbors.
Good stuff.

Today I saw on TV, dogs used to sniff out drugs .
The owners of these dogs said that the bomb bags would have been sniffed out before they blew, if the dogs were there. They can even find things in car tires.

Well now you see. Excellent reason to own dogs.
Even a little lap dog walked by a Gnomb, could be trained survival skills like sniffing out drugs, bombs, and dangerous chemicals
aimed at hurting a wide number of people, so police could be called in quicker, to avert disasters.
Imagine how many dogs that live in our homes on this continent, could be performing a valuable service.
This would be a great community project, to get people together in neighborhoods and teach them to train their dogs to do stuff like this.

Every one would own a

With a certificate saying that this is a trained dog, it would keep sick neighbors at bay and drugs and weapons out of their houses, because a dog walking by, would know and they could be quietly reported.

Enjoying walking your dog, who now would have rights on down town streets , restaurants, stores and malls as a working dog, there to sniff out trouble and keep people safe, would be great.
No more would there be a dog, sitting in a hot car in summer ,
 cause you are not allowed to take it inside to cool off.
Where you go, your dog goes as a

Imagine how many lives and legs would have been saved that day in Boston
if people brought their dogs with them to watch the races.
 Imagine how much the police would be helped cause your dog knows what busy body neighbors are doing in THEIR homes. lol
I think this is a great idea.

God is always on your side.
By doing good, you send evil to self destruct.....legally
while keeping peace and tranquility in your neighborhood.
The Message?
 Dogville - No Bullets Here. lol
Have a good one.



Lorna said...

My labrador retriever was a great watchdog. She would bark at anything that came into our front yard proximity. This past October '12 I had to put her to sleep. 8-( 8-( 8-(

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I feel for you Lorna.
I had a wonderful Golden too. They are the best dogs.

Russell said...

Sure like the glass of ale you showed the other day. I don't drink much beer either but every so often one tastes very good.

I live in a small community and don't have much exposure to gangs, drugs, etc. I know such activity exists but I don't see it.

I have always liked good dogs, though. I feel really bad for dogs that are owned by negligent owners.

I had a dog until about 18 months ago and have been thinking about getting another one. Maybe the right dog will find me!

A Lady's Life said...

Russell That's the best kind of dog.:)
But as every dog owner knows every dog is going to bark once in a while.
You know I rather have a neighbors dog bark than have kids sit rumbling their car engines or listening to their boom boom music all night long. They go out have a good time and then stop to continue to party in their cars and thats like at 2 am in the morning lol Then of course someones dog is going to bark and a crazy neighbor puts the blame on the dog and gets the dog into trouble for doing the right thing.
It doesn't matter where you live . The drug problem is there and gangs fight between each other.
They drive around in their cars.
Right now the Steve Nash Health Club
has clients and you dont know anything about them and then gangs come and shoot it up around there.
It's getting to not be safe anywhere in public places.

Mama Zen said...

I have a neighbor like that!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - I think there is one in every neighborhood.

I am always happy when people make noise in their homes because to me thats a healthy home. Homes are for people to live in and do things in. This includes dogs and cats.
Once in a while you also get bad neighbors and those who sell drugs to kids are the worst and now you have to worry about bombs and guns too it seems.
500,000 dogs on patrol, is a small army. While they play, they can also keep your neighborhood free and clean.