Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lt.-Col. Quick on Killing.


Young men sent to ancient lands to do a mans' job. Canadian
Lt.Col Quick was one such man who found himself doing things
which he felt were morally wrong. He fought to keep his men alive
overseas and he came back he said a changed man.
I think most people who go to these countries experience things and come home different people. lol
I did as well and I killed no one.
In spite of our free lifestyle, I grew up innocent.
Then across the seas, I learned the score which tore my heart
and destroyed my soul. I was stunned for a long time.

War is an immoral thing.
People die in war.
People kill in war and no one is safe .

As a soldier, you sometimes have to close your eyes and heart and do your job to survive, or die yourself. Imagine people, born to live this way from day one?
We in north America are a naïve sort of people because we don't understand how people still live on
the other side and what kind of immigrants we import here from there.

Immigrants from WW2 were also all different people. What only, had their eyes not seen?
They rarely cried and if they did there were no tears.
They were hard survivors because the weak didn't make it.
These people never winced in pain, never whined, never demanded rights because anything was better than what they lived through.

Ancient lands never changed as we did. The people suffer and the women are abused and kept enslaved
and I think this is where the idea that sex is ok and normal and the better one it's just sex... emerged
and is being fed to our babies in schools, here.
It came from a mans' world.

We fought for womens' rights to be free women, not to have our children now turned into sexual objects, because from day one, they are being prepared (for their own protection) by big companies who see money can be made here.

This is also why I cannot agree with the gay people that they can't change.
or with sick people who come from India saying have no pollution free places in their country,
nor with Sikhs and Muslims who come here and tell us their religion forbids them to  obey our laws.
BACK HOME THEY DO WORSE under their religions' . It's a different world. They think different.

On the other side of the world it is just sex but here in our world it's intimacy, love, romance,feelings  marriage, commitment,
etc.. built to last.
Stability is good for us . We don't need sex to survive to the next day.

So if the east is a mans' world I feel the west is for women.

So the arguments that we are facing today in our society is that:
1) People learn to survive and make do.
2) Sex is normal, needed and  it's just sex.

If it is just sex then  love, morals ethics values are ignored and this then means no lasting marriages or families, and thus breaks down the gay ideology as well, with respect to being gay and with marriage
because it just breaks the whole social pyramid,  down to crumble into nothing, for both gay and straight.Any one can do anything with anyone and it's just sex so then it's ok to explore.

It opens doors  for predators to go after our children and for the state to take them away.
The child is taught from birth sex is ok, it's just sex, then the first few times they give them alcohol and drugs and after  few hundred times, you have a kid who is a true believer that it's just sex and normal and ends up an empty soul.

It's not just sex.
Every person who experienced true love will tell you this.
A man died on the cross to tell us this.
The 10 Commandments teach us this.
Morals ethics and values do have a place in this world if people like Lt Col Quick
have them and feel strong enough to write a thesis on killing about it.

If it's just sex, then it's just killing, it's just war, it's just religion, just a life, just a body, just kids, .......
 the list goes on once doors are open to these ideas.

Lt Quick should not feel bad about having a conscience and morals and ethics about killing. Killing is wrong.
Killing people who kill innocent people, under the cloak of religion or politics, is self defense .
It's ok to rule to do good but if you rule to open doors for people and companies to knowingly do bad, it's a horse of a different color.

I feel our laws are confused today in the gray area.
People can and do change  . You see this every day.
Most of who we become is a force of habit, education.
Star Trek with Spock, Worf, the Romulans etc... are an excellent examples of people brought up to believe in different things.
Change their worlds and they would become different people.

The way things are going, Walt Disney could one day wake up
and find his country to be all gay. lol
What created the gay man, could be spread out to other people. 
Or he could wake up to his world being full of zombies or killers.
We make movies about this never realizing that it could happen.
So it is important not to lose sight of how we want to live in our world.
If we want peace and love, we have the laws already in place to make this possible in the 10 Commandments which unite us all.

I never thought I'd be coming back to this subject so much in my whole life. I just figured people understood but seems they don't and will never again if we don't step up to defend the world our forefathers were building for us under words like honor, morals values and ethics and under God and the 10 Commandments.
Otherwise we should just let the chips fall as they may and forget about it.
There is no future to be had and we are just wasting our time and money.



Lorna said...

I sadly suspect that it is much worse here in the U.S.A. than there in Canada. I disagree with you o n only one point, and that is about homosexuals. I believe that thy are born that way and that whereas you can get them to stay celibate or marry, but you cannot change their sexual orientation.

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - If I want to be a Prima ballerina, I will never be one. I don't have the body to be one no matter how much "inside" I felt I was or want to be.
I will never go to extremes to change my body to become a ballerina.I could do ballet however. Mostly,
I'd just find other things I am good at and do that.

The atrocities these people are doing to their bodies to be who they are not born to be, is atrocious in my book.So as a society we have to learn why this happens rather than change laws and have children raised without both a Mother and a Father for balance. My argument is not for or about adults who do what they always want to do anyway but about children who are raised in an environment which doesn't care what they are exposed to because someone has rights. Children are Gods' gifts to us. If we didn't enjoy childhood, we are given a chance to live it through the eyes of our children.
The people I feel bad for are the hermaphrodites. I think if they wanted to do a small surgical procedure that would be ok because they have to decide what they want to be but bodies which are born perfect and then they say they are not who they are born to be, I disagree. They can change. Look at women for example. We can love sex between the age of x and x and then we change and the interest is gone. We are still the same people.
lol The same happens to men.
Some men never have an interest in sex but they will never say they are gay. Just not interested one way or another.