Saturday, April 13, 2013

Timeless Guardians

I copied this Angel from a Christmas Card I had.
I thought she was wonderful and I had a black board to paint her on
 which I thought was perfect.
I couldn't finish her because I don't know how to make straight lines
thin enough for her little harp.
So I left her for another day when I could focus on the  problem better.

Had I painted her in black, she would look equally dramatic
and especially mystical.

And sharpened she would look even nicer so I have to sharpen the fine lines.
It's all about fine lines now.
I think adding stars into the black sky would help as well
for she is a heavenly creature with the ability to fly.

I found her tucked away in one of my boxes and I guess this summer
I will try to get back into finishing the things I started, so I can hang her up


Maggie Thatcher will be remembered as the Guardian of England in my books.

She understood never to give up Britains' rights to self govern
neither politically nor financially.

Europe panics and then decides to unite  to have a Euro dollar .

Well, unless they plan to have a President of Europe or a Prime Minister of Europe
it's not such a good idea.
Even we here in Canada, separate our currency from the US.

You can't have unity if you are separate because everyone thinks along different lines. Once you
lose control, you lose control and it is difficult to get back.
If the Euro dollar fails and becomes currency to light your burning stoves with, then
it would apply to England as well.
As it stands, England has her pound and she knows what it is worth.
 Europe fights, because Europe fights.
They took on mans' laws instead of Gods' which
are basic and clear and unites everyone to think along the same lines.

 Everything goes back to the beginning because
 the beginning is what made it all happen.

Think of what socialism is.
It is sharing.
So one man works and another doesn't and sits hungry and starving.
So we think this starving man will come and kill our families, so we need to give him
 a chance to get back on his feet.

But instead of this, the hungry man is taught that he got something for nothing
and he can get more.
So loop holes are found to get more and more and more
and now this not about fairness and  justice anymore.
It becomes theft, extortion from those who work
by those able to work but don't.

There should be jobs for everyone in this world.
Sewing knitting cooking construction painting... whatever you can do,
 you should do to help yourself.
As it stands you ask a man sitting drinking beer, why aren't you working and he answers
why should I when  welfare pays me more for staying home?
You ask them why do you do drugs and alcohol, don't you know your kids will be born sick?
We don't care. We vote and the government says it will pay for anything we need.

So welfare is rich to give money away for doing nothing but the working man, from whom
the money is taken from
gets poorer and poorer until one day he needs also to go on welfare
and this is what socialist governments want to see to usurp power and control.
If they cared about people, they would speak in terms of jobs like the conservatives do
not about
They fall into a hole and then need help and pull every one else down.

People get rich overnight over inventions like toothbrushes.
Then others see and become jealous and they want the profits from this mans' idea,
instead of creating their own better toothbrush or better teeth.

I gave an example of the barter system. It worked.
I gave the example of recycling. It worked.
Someone's garbage is another mans' treasure.


Lorna said...

You have a lot of creativity in you and I agree with your vision of socialism and communism. I fear for our country.

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - so do I

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

LOVE the painting...YOU are so very gifted and I appreciate you for sharing.

I also agree with the Welfare...some kids with lots of "kids" get over $500 dollars in food stamp vouchers a month,and my senior friend who is 97 years old, only qualifies for $10 a month because she gets social security."

Now that SUCKS!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly -Well Seniors and disabled people need help and it should be provided . Veterans should be provided for but for everyone else capable of working, they should work.
They receive benefits and refuse jobs and or make more children to get more benefits. I think this is wrong.
This will lead to the state one day taking everything over and this would mean dictatorship because people have no capability to make the right decisions, they will make it for people.
Nothing is written in stone except the 10 Commandments. lol