Friday, April 19, 2013

Maggies' Boy - A Little Canuck

In Canada we have Justin Trudeau bumbling through his first day as leader of the :Liberal Party.
It is clear he will have to get a lot of training and unfortunately he will be getting them from the old dogs
who destroyed his Fathers' party.
He is a nice man, 41 now,  but not a politician or intellect like his Father.
Quebecers love him and say he is a French Quebecer but you see how people are.
They say what suits them.
Justin is not a Quebecer. He married a Quebecer.
He was born and raised in Ottawa. He is an Ontarian lol
His Mother is from BC, a daughter of the Sinclair family and his brother died here.
No one as of yet found his body, under BC glacier waters.

Brian Mulroneys' son is smarter. He got married, went to the US and is living a fine life
entertaining people around the world.
He would make for a better spokesperson for Canada and Prime Minister because he seems to be street smart as opposed to Justin, who was caged in by his Father
as Pierre tried to do with his whole family.

It is funny that in the Canadian Heritage museum, they down play
the Scots who were the real founders of this country.In our classrooms stood the Union Jack.
I liked it and was kinda sad to see it gone and replaced by a less colorful flag.
Our maple leaf could have been nicer looking but I fly it proudly anyway.

John A McDonald was our first Prime Minister . McGill University was our first university,
and yet to look at things
they push the French as if it was all them.

I blame General Charles de Gaul for our woes here in Canada
He destroyed Montreal and Quebec for all Canadians and left us with a mess we still
are struggling with today and confused people.
Instead of proud Canadians we became hyphenated Canadians
 building countries within a country.

Pierre Laporte was kidnapped and killed a few blocs from our house by the FLQ
English people were stopped in the street and told we could speak any language except English.
People could sit in their homes and expect revolutionaries coming in through their living room windows.
Talk about bullying through fear. No assault weapons were used but they had the same effect . 700,000 English speaking people left Quebec.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau times were interesting times.

Macleans Article can be read here.

The English ran to Trudeau and asked him and the infamous liberal party Justin says was there for
ALL CANADIANS ,to stop this mess.
I remember cause I was there glued to the radio and Pat Burns. lol
Now the chain smoking Levesque rose to power and we had a small group
of militants running around causing trouble everywhere.
French people were entrenched deep in Catholicism back then.
You would not pass a grade if you didn't pass catechism and this is all we saw kids studying.

It was nothing we couldn't handle, but Trudeau pretended and did nothing.
Trudeau ruffled his feathers and told the English not to worry about it, to stay
calm and trust him and  he would handle it.
JUST WATCH ME he said.
Nothing would change.
He lied.Everything changed.
You can't trust politicians because you don't know their hidden agenda.
The Book called The White Niggers of America was written back then and we had to read it, where the French equated themselves to American slaves which was a blatent lie.
If they felt this way it was because of the problems they had., not because this was the way it had to be.
If they studied math and science and English like every one else did( we studied French), they would have had the jobs too.
The Catholic schools only took Catholic children.
Every one else had to go to English schools cause they took every one, which also was a sign that they were not afraid of anything. They were building a nation for everyone.
Pierres' Mother was Grace Elliott, of French Scottish Descent.
His Dad was a business man.
In those days the french had huge families with 12 kids, they couldn't support.
Men would come home drunk, instead of with a paycheck to buy food.
So the English, who had a very good education and smaller families got better jobs.
When the French wives complained, the husbands beat them.
The English were also raised to be bilingual as opposed to the French kids who
were instructed not to learn English.
Women did not have it very good, as men could beat them, husbands could rape their wives and the Catholic church did not allow abortions.

Pierre grew up an intellect, political activist and a communist.
Communism was another big issue and every one hated it.
So all  sorts of things were going on around at that time.
The War in Vietnam,
Flower Power with the Hippies.
The Womans' Liberation movement was strong and laws were passed 
to stop abuse of women by men.
I remember reading Germaine Greers' bra burning book.
 It was revolutionary for those times. lol

Well, here was Pierre, enamored with this beautiful young delicate freedom loving flower child from BC.
It was a story book being written.
But there was another woman and maybe she would have been a better choice.,3706679

He brought Maggie to Ottawa, locked her free spirit up in his castle in Ottawa.
He immediately pushed three boys out of her. She felt(was) psychologically abused by a man who was never there.
She smoked pot, he beat her, she ran away to the US to embarrass the man she loved
so he would love her. Instead, he told her he would take her boys away because no one would argue with the Prime Minister, she struck back saying you will die before I do and you won't have them forever.
Pierre lived in his mind. He had no need of women except for the obvious thing and Maggie lived with her heart.

I have no doubt in my mind that Maggie loved the pirouette, flower in the lapel, Pierre, but he was not the right man for her.
He needed her to promote himself.
So when Justin speaks about the things his Father said, he is not lying.
Quebec was a great province. Montreal was the pearl of the Nile back then.
It was the best place to live until a small group French vultures destroyed it.
We had a little Napoleon, Mayor Drapeau, who loved his city and threatened
to separate it from Quebec if they separated from Canada.
Pierre, could not hold a small group of people.

Secretly, he seemed to be controlled by the church probably involved in his political decisions,
 who wanted to grab Quebec for themselves.
Things could have been different because no one hated the French people or wanted to stand in their way.
It was a new world. Freedom for everyone.
Fact is, they lost the war and the Church and France couldn't get over it.
So they decided to poison Quebec and Quebecers with a false sense of the OTHER, 
instead of being who every one really was. 
At that time we also had teachers from France teaching us the proper French and they told us they
were not impressed with the French spoken in Quebec.
Well , it was a dialect,  Acadian French
Here is a sample

This is more proof that the Scotts were the guys in charge of this new world and not the French.

Today people are tired of being hyphenated. 
We carry one passport and we have to become one people,
We have no reason to fight over stupid issues like Pauline Marois is trying to to again today.
This separatist party has to die once and for all.
No one needs to separate nor keep poison alive.
As for Justin, time will tell. He has a lot on his plate to deal with and being surrounded by old dogs will not make is easier on him.
At 41, he will never become his Fathers' boy and unlike Brian Mulroneys son, who has a Father, Justin has no one. He probably would need the old Sinclairs to make sure he stays on track.
But he doesn't even want to help the liberals in BC which he should be doing. as evidence that he is strong and cares.Instead we have Alberta come in to our Liberal Premiers' aid , Christie Clark, to speak of the importance to continue working together to build business and jobs in our two provinces which the NDP in BC, wants to destroy to continue creating a needy population .
In dire times we need the right people to do the right things.

Here is Rusell Peters who really knows Canadians lol



George said...

We are plagued by the problem of hyphenated citizens as well. It is truly sad.

Lorna said...

You keep this up and you're going to inspire me to put more political rants in my blog, woman! :-)

A Lady's Life said...

George - Yes This is why America was great because they were always proud Americans.
We need a little bit more of that here. I was always a proud Canadian .Many people tried to make me first a Quebecer. I told them NO!
I am free to walk from coast to coast as a Canadian so this is who I am. Can you imagine the privilege of being able to do this? All this under one government as an umbrella?

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - why not.
It's your blog lol
I read so much stuff written by angry people who have nothing to say but that they want......They have rights. but no one cares how they got these rights. It's people who cared that got them for them and they didn't get them to be abused for doing wrong things just because they can. Freedom is an earned right. You have to be and educated adult who knows right from wrong to keep it. It's not easy. So the right people have to speak up and fight to keep what is right in our countries alive and well.Otherwise the wrong people will take over and we will all suffer again.

Gattina said...

you say you have a country in your country only because they prefer to speak French which was the language of their ancestors and they keep to their roots. you would speak French too today if your ancestor had settled down in Quebec ! Still you are all Canadians !
BTW it's useless to comment on my comment, lol because I never come back to a post I have read ! I would spent 24 h at my computer if I would do so ! But I have an email, I have nothing to hide, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

No you don't understand.Gattina We learned French too to fit in . We are a bilingual country. We care that they are separating the country.
We had more English speaking people in the province and the only reason they didnt like it was because they had no jobs and they had no jobs because they were taught nothing but religion at school.
Sometimes outsiders like de Gaul should just not interfere in other countries. They feed the bad guys who destroy everything.
I comment in my blog because thats what I do lol