Friday, April 5, 2013

Enchanting Spells.

Thank God it's Friday. The week as usual, flew by.
We are in between good and bad weather, so other than shopping,
there isn't much to do. I have to go slipper hunting for my son and
myself and I still love the ones with fur inside. The best ones are at the
 Naturalizer shoe store which sells comfort shoes.
They never change in price. Always 40 dollars. but they have a thick sole
which keeps your feet warm.
Well at the Naturalizer you can expect to pay more.


Unlike Europe which has all these fine old historical buildings to put a spell on you,
 we don't have much to offer here in BC.but
BC sure puts a spell on you as you walk through
her beautiful surroundings.
 Every where you look from the valley, you see snow peaked mountains and the deep blue sea.

Some tree trunks are ancient and would give Paul Bunyan a run for his money to chop down.
But who would want to? They earned their respect and share branches with majestic birds sporting 8 foot wing spans.
No one built these forests or lakes and rivers. No one carved the mountains.
No king died between their walls. No men were tortured in their city of trees.
All we have here is the cold quiet peaceful truth as it is and as it was,
for thousands of years.

These forests and rocks hold mysteries and stories we will never know.
They tasted blood we will never see or hear about.
 They hypnotize us and we can't help but be taken away and consumed by their enchanted glory.

We have tons of flora from places like Japan and China which are beautiful to plant in gardens.
Sorta make a small  paradise at home in your back yard. lol
Our majesty is different from that found in Japan and China but you can still feel the whiff of freedom and danger from behind  rocky bolders and rushing rivers, in spring.


SandyCarlson said...

Your blog is always a tonic. Thanks for making me smile.

Lorna said...

Beautifully written, beautifully put.. Lorna

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - it's nothing but the truth :)

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna we do have enchanting places here and if asked where is the best place to go and stay, you really can't say.

George said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your part of the world.

Lorna said...

And so, my Life…. as a Lady…. began..!

Where does this line come from? It sounds vaguely familiar.


A Lady's Life said...

George - Our North American Continent is beautiful.
I think people need to blend into it
rather than build over it.
We lose so much otherwise.

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna- I don't know if some one else has it.
I wrote it cause it relates to me as a woman, as a lady, as a wife, mother, grand mother and citizen of the world.

We are all ladies. This blog was supposed to be about ladies such as myself but I realized, being a lady is not about fashion but about the realities of daily life as we all live one.
Our life as ladies struggling to survive in a world that is becoming meaningless because it's been up rooted. A plant without roots quickly dries up and dies.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. and I love the description of your blog name and its development ..

Enchanting spells - home and country .. just draw us in don't they ... cheers Hilary