Thursday, April 11, 2013

Because I Love You , Is not Enough


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Science has come a long way.
They scan a brain and tell you things you would never otherwise know.
Like which side of the brain you use the most, the left side or the right side.
It then relates to which hand you use, the left or the right.
They see a difference between a criminal brain and a healthy brain
They can tell if some one is schizophrenic or brain dead.
They can tell if a person was born with no brain or half a brain or a third of a brain, or a cracked brain even if on the outside, they can do all the same things every other person can do.

Now they say they can tell who is gay and who is not, by how the brain is wired  and they use this info to legitimize the gay life style.
Without telling you the whole truth, little by little, society is indoctrinated.
It's no different than the propaganda the Germans used to legitimize the holocaust.
They take away your ability to think. They stop teaching you to think.

Have they ever done such scans on new borns?
Mothers would know a lot about their babies and the way their brains are wired, if doctors provided them with this information.
Cher would not have dressed her child as a girl knowing she would grow up and blame her because inside she is a boy.
I would say children, if they had their brains scanned at birth, would not show any of the above brain patterns.
So unless proven otherwise, a child who picks up a spoon with the left hand, can be corrected and the brain trained to use the right hand.
Some kids grow up ambidextrous.
Some unfortunate kids never learn because of a bigger problem.

A would be criminal, could be trained not to be one.

An alcoholic, if kept away from people who are alcoholics, would probably not be tempted to drink.
A smoker could stop smoking much easier if he/she were kept away from other smokers.
People who love salt, lose the taste for salt , if they stay away from salt.

Senses and feelings change all the time. They are not a constant in our lives.
But they can and should be under control.
14 year old girls get all this sex education at school and still get pregnant.
 The parents ask them why they had sex they were not ready for?
The typical answer: Mom, I love him .
Sex is normal.
Is it normal? Does he love her and vs?
Someone at school provided kids with tons of condoms, sending the message sex is ok and normal if you use these. They also empower kids by telling them they don't have to tell parents anything. They can get help from other places. So they are teaching kids to lie, to hide and run away from their mistakes and problems.
That's how they build strong people.
It benefits no one but drug companies, doctors, labs, pharmacies. etc...
It does more harm than good cause now you have a 14 year old girl with an abortion or baby she can't raise she might have to adopt out, leaving her emotionally scarred for life.
You have a boy who now has to live with the fact he put a baby into this world and two choices, to either follow Gods' way and take responsibility and the hard road or  to skip it.
Not teaching Gods' laws, hurts innocent people,
 who are told to be careful following emotions, rather than to control emotions and become stronger people.
Strength of character, is a survival skill. You don't build this by running, hiding, seeking band aid solutions.
You build it by facing your devil and fighting him.
Kids bullying you?
What do you do, kill yourself? NO!
You fight back. You send them a message.

Self discipline is part of the learning program growing up.
You will not study for example,if you have no self discipline.
Did any one scan a self controlled brain?
No. No money there .

Science tells you things but you never get the whole picture because they just take a small cut of time.
People, generally speaking, are born the same.
Some children cry more than others because of gas /colic and no learned knowledge to pass gas
 but otherwise, play with any healthy child and they are all the same.

From the first breath to the last breath, humans develop individually, into different people.
Twins have exceptional abilities to be and act the same. So they seem to have the same brain
patterns from birth but I am sure they change as well.
Do we ever see one twin being straight and the other gay?
So, what ever scientists find in peoples' brains, is a result of what happens to it from the moment of birth to the time the scan was taken.

If the brain can change to a certain brain pattern, there is no reason why it can't change to another one.
Take a normal loving person, who says he can't kill, change things in his life, and this person
can become the most vicious cruel cold  kind of killer you could ever imagine.
The same could be said of dogs especially a female in heat.
I would think though ,regardless of trying to show dominance over another female dog, a dog in heat would look for a male dog and not steal another dogs pups because she will never be able to feed them.

So people who say they are born in the wrong body and need to live another way because of it,
is kinda far fetched.
No one knows as of yet, the whole story about this gay issue and yet here we are, passing laws and changing marriages and families and raising children who will never have a normal Mother /Father type of family. 
It's like a virus spreading like wild fire.
We accept that's it's ok to live screwed up lives and to screw up other people 
simply because someone said it's normal for people to be screw ups.
People wallow in self pity instead of empowering themselves through Gods' word
who teaches the simple truth that no, you are not a screw up.
You are my child.

We tell our children, being gay is as normal as apple pie.
It surprises me that as an older person, I am struggling with issues such as the gay issue, and a 5 year old
comes over and knows more about it than I do. You have to know that a 5 year old, has no idea
of what he/she is talking about. The child is being given knowledge before he/she
has been trained to critically analyze this knowledge.
No one sees anything wrong with this?
It's indoctrination.
We teach, knowingly or worse, without knowing, the truth , going against God's plan.
We have become a "me first" kind of people.
We have no needs we can't buy in a store
and take for granted that we are owed things.
In this world it comes to who can lie the best.

People from the Philipines still say people living in the colonies owe them.
Amerindians say North American colonialists owe them.
Africans say colonial people owe them.
Check their brain scans and do a lie detector test and you will find 
 they believe what they say to be true.

Colonial people are all are all our ancestors.
No one owes any one anything today.
Some how this is never addressed.
Except for things which stay the same,( ie love and sex)it's a new life, a new book and a new page.
Today, however, we are armed with history and evidence to know better that
some things always stay the same.

Women know things about hormones and how they change feelings and desires
especially during the change of life. These things also never change.
Hormones probably also change brain scans.
What is more important is how people understand love.
What is it exactly?
Is it about hormones?
Is it about sharing a life and experiences?
Is it simple sex?
Is love, sex or sex ,love or is love the end result of something or a lot more?

What ever it is, it is not something that should happen between a parent and child or between
a child and adult ,  no matter how much you love them and yet people develop feelings and
 do cross the line , to have sex with people they shouldn't, because they love them.
Ask a pedophile why he has sex with children and he says because he loves them.
The norms and limits do not exist, as they do not for an addict, in these people.
Being gay falls into the same fault line of what is acceptable and not acceptable.
It's not to say it never happens, moreso today than before because
 today it's viewed as simple sex, a normal part of life.
We are told to put sex on top of the list instead of at the bottom where it belongs.
 It's not healthy  to be so obsessed with one subject.
Obsession is a disease.
Our society seems never to have anything else to talk about.
We are an obsessed society.
"Obsession is a disease"
Funny how our health suddenly becomes the top priority with these people when it comes to sex
and not other issues like its' side effects?
It's like the drug commercials today.
Take this product (it causes death) but you'll be happy:):):)
We do not differentiate humans from animals anymore where sex is concerned.
So ....are we moving forward or backward in this area?
I don't know anymore.
Today it is viewed as abnormal, not to have sex or so they try to tell us, to change our brain patterns
to their way of thinking, for their financial gain.
Now we have people called sex addicts and probably brain patterns to show or prove they are.

Science hasn't proven anything except that brain patterns change in people, for whatever reason.
Shine a bright light and our senses tell us to close our eyes. Keep the lights glaring for 5 years, and  the brain pattern will change to show us we live in darkness.
Are we blind? No. We can be taught to see again.
People are not born gay.
Girls can play cow boys and indians, wear pants and spit and boys can play with dolls , love fashion and hair styles without being gay.
They can grow up, get married, have children and THEN fall in love because of the way their lives are conducted and the problems and intimacy they shared because now a couple, functions as one.
It is ALL a question of life style.
There is no question in my mind, that people can be made to change. You can turn every straight person into a gay one as you can turn every mild person, into a deadly killer.
No one is immune to change.

People are creatures of habit.
If a man or woman learns from day one, to change partners every day, 
staying with one partner will be a problem.
They also say to marry young because the longer you live alone the more set in your ways you become and the pattern is harder to break. 
That's not to say it can't be done.
It's done every day.

Man, born with a feeble body, to survive, has never been an oak.
Man has always been a willow, able to twist and bend.
If he can bend one way, he can bend the other but he always tries to reach for the sun and the stars, to stay straight because this is Gods' plan.
Once man stops reaching out to the sun and the stars, he becomes just a crooked tree and usually when trees are crooked, it's because something stops them from reaching for the sun.
Sorta like peer pressure.
People who come to you and smile, pretending to care, cause they make a buck out of it but otherwise don't give a damn. They want to see a crooked tree because they will continue to make money
keeping you crippled.

We need to look for solutions, in the same way we search for cures for drug addictions , cancer, etc...
What we don't do is change the plan of life, to suit the alcoholic because his brain waves are different. 
We tell him accept who you are and let's begin from there,
 to solve your problem.

When it comes to love and sex between people,
because I love you, 
is not enough.

You know, my Grand mother once told me her husband never once told her he loved her
but he did.....deeply and he proved it every day by being dug in and stable.
He was there for the long haul.
Her friends kept talking about love love love love.
They fought, they drank, they beat up on each other, divorced, ran away, had affairs, left kids to suffer.
.....that's love?


Akelamalu said...

Interesting post. You ask 'Do we ever see one twin being straight and the other gay?' I know of one instance for sure - The singer Will Young and his twin brother Rupert.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - would have been interesting to analyze their brains at birth . The thing is people do change
I am not the same person I was when I was a kid.
No one indoctrinated me about issues like they do kids today.
I never had discussions about religion,social problems,schools, politics sex....
My parents let me grow and find out for myself. If I asked questions they'd say go to the library and read a book.
Most of my life I read to make sense of things until today I am able to stand firm and say Nope
Doesn't wash.Also I find you have to leave your country, travel a bit
to have something to compare to, not from books people profit from but from actual street reality.

One thing I did learn was that when change comes too fast it's because something is rotten in Denmark. Even my teachers never told us.. it's like this. It would make me angry cause I wanted to know. Just tell me I'd think and they would say go figure it out. They forced you to go out collect data pro and against. They made you grow and develop a strong mind.
Today we have kids who kill themselves for nothing. Why? Because they are weak with no strength of character.My Dad would say go punch them in the
We blame bullies.We threaten the good guys and take their powers away, destroy families and then the bullies get the out of jail card and go free.
Best to handle it one on one between yourselves.As for gay people, what they are telling people is wrong.They can change.
People all can change.

Lorna said...

I believe that a lot of babies born out of wedlock are due to broken families with no father to provide a positive role model. As for being able to change, I don't think so. For example, I do not believe that I could talk myself into being homosexual. I was born heterosexual and no amount of pushing or coaching could get me to change my sexual orientation. I doubt that homosexuals could. They try, but they fail. I doubt that they are happy if they do stifle themselves.

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - I believe anything and everything is possible.
You know, life is about children not about adults. The best time in your life, should be when you are a child.I think Mr Disney must have a special place in heaven because he was a very special man.
Instead, people grow up and get the vote and who cares about kids?
Every child should have a stable home with a loving Mom and Dad.
When I had my kids, other than McDonalds,and the air port, we couldn't go anywhere because people didn't like kids.That's changed today.
Our kids are grown up now and we never mind children being around us in restaurants.
It's nothing but pure joy.
In life glitches happen but if they are acknowledged and there is good will to do the right thing, this is better for the people who are hurting. They become better people in a better world. Probably they were sent to this world to learn just that.