Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Government Fears the 10 Commandments

Now why would government take down the 10 Commandments
from Justice Buildings?

Why do these Commandments bother them so much?

The 10 Commandments are the basis of the rule of law and justice.
They originated before other religions.

All countries in the world, especially free countries, are free because of
what is written in these laws.

But Man is not happy with these laws.
He wants them changed and why?

Man does not want to honor his Father and his Mother.
Man wants to commit adultery.
Man always lies and bears false witness.
Man covets
Man swears.
Man believes in other things like vampires and ghosts and ghoolies.
Man goes shopping on Sunday and drinks beer.

Then man says we have a billion laws but no justice.
We want freedom but not pay for the consequence of who our freedom hurts.
We are surprised when they use our own soldiers as guinea pigs for vaccines.
We are surprised pharmaceutical companies give us drugs that do not cure and make you die from side effects for profit.
Doctors change paper work to facilitate euthenization of people.
The list goes on. Everything is about money.

Government and the Justice system attracts men ,who sit with no honor,
 for honor lies
within the words of the !0 Commandments.

The 10 Commanments are BINDING.
Within them, you have a sense of belonging and self worth .
Without them,   you are alone.

So it has to be concluded, that the only reason why men
 hate the 10 Commandments
is because they want freedom to do as they wish.

To do as you wish, means you are allowed to hurt people.
and we do hurt people.
We don't have far to look with the
economic fiasco socialism created in Europe and all the corrupt business
practices Harvard law students are taught is ok to do because it's just business.

No. It's not OK to hurt people and call it business.

The society, who tells you , you are free, puts you in jail and enslaves you.

In jail you are free because you have no responsibilities
You watch tv,eat ,have free lodging, exercise room, library. You can write books
go to school, and people sneak in drugs and what have you, inside for you.
You kill in there, abuse other inmates and get abused,
while the rest of society has to work to pay for a person's privilege to enjoy jail.
Hardly sounds free to me.

One is incarcerated and the other enslaved.

Then all these religious fights with Islam.

The 10 Commandments comes before Islam
They don't need Muhammad or even Jesus to be explained.
It's right there.

So the stories written in books are just that , stories to guide people with,
to remind people to do good,

NOT to rule them.

So freedom lies in these simple 10 Commandments.
They are SIMPLE.

Follow them and you will be free.
They are there to protect you, as a Mother protects her child from putting a hand into a fire.
or falling off a cliff.
It's simple, equal, blameless and carries no stick.
Only life and love.

As for freedom.. what exactly does that mean?
In society, no one is free.
No one.

Following the 10 Commandments ,
means a government would have practically no job to do.
It deals mostly in dirty evil stuff like war and revolution and there will be none of that to do
because love and understanding will eliminate the need to do bad.
When you have love you also have trust.

North Korea would not need to fear anyone for her existence.
Cuba would not have to be labeled as Communist
Places like Sudan would have no fear of beheadings and attacks.
Haiti would have no poverty.

So Governments fear the 10 Commandments as
Emperors in the past feared it.
They crucified Jesus for faith and love and
Muhammad picked up the sword because
he had no faith or trust in people and thus no love.

This is not God talking now , but politics.
God speaks of only one thing, ok two,
 life and love.

They tell you there is no God. He's imaginary.
There is no after life.
We are all star people, born of dying stars.

There is a God and he sits in you, in the very first cell that divided and made you into who you are.
You cannot genetically get away from him, unless you are not born.
You can lie cheat steal,argue do the watoosie and commit suicide but he will always be with you.

The only freedom each human has, is in  the choices he makes in how he wants to live.
One can live in heaven or in hell and God gives you this choice in the
10 Commandments.

Liberalism does not equal freedom.
Socialism creates parasites that feed off a system.
Every political word has abuse written all over it and systems are not perfect
especially when they fail and hurt millions of people.

People do not have choices in life except in small meaningless harmless things,
like what to eat today; what clothes to wear, what job to choose to work in.
Do I stay up late tonight and party or go to bed.?

When Government fears the 10 Commandments
it's time to fear Government.

It needs to be questioned, analyzed and answers given as to why.
The 10 Commandments are for life and love and liberty

What is man looking for in todays' world if it fears 10 simple
laws standing inf front of a justice building?

Just sayin.



Lorna said...

It's not that they fear the Ten Commandments, which make a lot of sense. It's that they are a Christian commandment. It is common and predictable these days to find people being anti-Christian but allowing all manner of outrage by, for example, Muslims, like Captain Hasan who killed all the soldiers in the Texas cafeteria several years ago, yelling "Alahu Akbar!" (Praise Allah). Remember how Obama made sure to tell us that we should not jump to conclusions that it was a terrorist attack?

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - I don't think the Quran refutes the 10 commandments does it?
These commandments unite everyone.
No one should have a problem with them.
As for Islam today , if we are not at war with it, it is at war with us and everyone else.No one is excluded, not even China.It doesn't stop with Christians where terrorists are concerned.

They don't understand that God gave man freedom to make choices, even if they are wrong.

It's all about learning and getting better not learning and getting worse or not learning at all and being controlled.

God doesn't control.

That's why the 10 laws are so basic but in them, the whole truth can be seen clearly and understood.

I find them to be brilliant.

Russell said...

Interesting thoughts. I am not familiar with Canadian law but I know that the Ten Commandments are often allowed in United States courthouses and public buildings.

The difficulty is when the Ten Commandments are set out as a special display within a government building as a religious monument or statement more than a historical or literary work. Our Constitution requires that state and religion be separate - actually, our government is not allowed to promote a particular religion at the expense of another.

Personally, I think the Ten Commandments are very good overall and serve as an inspiration for proper behavior. I am not so sure how appropriate the first three are -- the ones that definitely have a religious connotation to them -- but certainly the others are very good for all people and are appropriate for any audience or group.

Most importantly, we should respect each other's right to believe as we wish to believe regardless of the person's particular religious beliefs.

I was raised Catholic and was the only Catholic in a very protestant public school. We stood by our desks each day before lunch and the teacher led us in prayer - often a prayer in a different format than I was used to hearing or saying.

I also was raised to make the sign of the cross after a prayer and you can imagine what that was like for a child. My classmates asked me why there were dead babies in my church and I did not understand.

I was asked why I worshiped false idols. Again, I did not understand.

As I grew older I understand what and why these people asked what they asked -- but it was very difficult as a small child.

Still, yes, I agree that overall the Ten Commandments are very good for people to read and follow. Whether or not they belong in a public building or school is another matter.

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

Russel of course they do.North America was possible because of these laws. Just because Europe doesn't want them doesn't mean we shouldn't. We are a multicultural experiment and we succeed because we are basically all the same in the important beliefs.People who come here should have the good will to see this and join in.
We always look to Europe because it is older but not anymore.
Europe screwed itself badly but we have a chance to pull back and correct things before they get out of hand.People are allowed their beliefs but the reason they are allowed is because of the 10 Commandments. Courts and Judges need reminding as does government, what North America is all about.

A Lady's Life said...

Russell - The problems you encountered as a child is exactly the problem that exists with people today. They do not understand.
If they understood how everything connects, it would be a different story.
People would be happy.

Anonymous said...

when government fears the 10 commandments we have to fear gvt, TRUE, TRUE

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

So freedom lies in these simple 10 Commandments.
They are SIMPLE.

Follow them and you will be free.

In your above text, I didn't grow up knowing this...a lot of stuff I blamed my parents for. Once I became an adult, I had to take responsibility for my life and my actions. I'm so very grateful that God waited for me to turn away from my sin and toward his book of the Law. We are without excuse and his penalty is STIFF for the wicked.

Great Post sister friend.
Love you!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - God understands people are born equal but life and their environment, is unequal. Some have opportunity to learn and are born to loving homes who teach the right way to live.
Other children grow up without this instruction. But deep inside you know right from wrong and God touches everyone at one point in time or another when you least expect it. I believe this because it happened to me. I too fought him but he touched me and I suddenly understood. It's amazing.
and for this reason I felt, if he touched me, he will touch others in the same way but now I realize that too many people are getting hurt because someone told them them
they have freedom and rights before they were mature enough to understand how to use this information. Freedom and rights do not exist unless you know how to live.To know how to live you need either life experience or education.
To obtain life experience is becoming too costly a price to pay because less people are being educated these days.

We mistake instruction for education. There is a difference.
Instruction you get in 4-6 months. Education takes a lifetime.